SSL https password page question

First of all, I love this Zenphoto tool. You did just such a great job in creating this!
My question is the following. I have been trying to set up the Zenphoto site on a SSL https:// connection. When I am logged out and I type my url with the http:// it still redirects me to the non-protected http://, while it should redirect me to the https:// url. I have selected the https function in the security section and I have set up the gallery page path to https. I know my server is set up correctly because when I reach the admin section it turns into https and when I type in the url with https it works fine. The question is why does the password.php page not redirect over from http:// to https:// when I type in the url with http//:.

Your help/advice would be very much appreciated


  • acrylian Administrator

    If you like to redirect http to https addresse in general you need to do this server side. You would have to add something to your htaccess file for example.

    Zenphoto would generate all links using https instead of http but it does not redirect in general.

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