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Uploading tiff files in zenphoto gallery



  • acrylian Administrator

    Use some photo editing software… resizing images is really nothing that specific…

  • Hello,
    I wrote a script to convert my tiff files to jpeg files.
    I am just wandering if there is a risk to lose some resolution.
    Here is my script:


    for f in $(find -name *.tif); do echo "Converting $f"; convert "$f" "$(basename "$f" .tif).jpg"; done

    for f in *.tif; do echo "Converting $f"; convert "$f" "$(basename "$f" .tif).jpg"; done
    mv *.jpg ../JPG/.

    assuming the script is in my TIF directory and that ../JPG exists.
    For Exemple:
    /home/giuseppe/TIF ( tif files location)
    /home/giuseppe/JPG ( jpg files location)

    I thing this way I have a solution concerning my old tif files.

    Best Regards.

    Giuseppe Angelini

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited November 2017

    If you don't change the resolution, you would not loose it. I don't think that your script does that but I am not familar with the scrip tlanguage you used. But you might loose quality as jpg is generally lossy compress while tiff is not.

  • Do you mean, I loose some quality and I have less compression ?

  • acrylian Administrator

    Not necessary, jpeg has smaller files but lossy compression if compressed. An uncompressed jpeg is bascially as good as a tiff. But the point of using jpgs is compression to get smaller files.

  • Hello,
    That's fine. Then it is not an error to convert all my old Tif files to jpg files and delete the old tif files keeping only the new jpg files that I will load in my zenphoto database.

    Best Regards.

    Giuseppe Angelini

  • acrylian Administrator

    If these are important images I would probably keep the original tiffs locally.

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