There might be a bit low responsiveness on technical matters because of some personal family related cirumstances
- Malte (acrylian)

Older Version Archive

Any idea when the older version archive will return. I need one all the way back to 1.2.2


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited October 2017

    No priority as we assume it is not really widely needed. And you really shouldn't be using such old versions anymore for years ;)

    Please contact me via our contact form and I will mail it to you.

  • Thanks, but I got it. Although I lost all my image descriptions because I jumped too far in builds.

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited October 2017

    Great. But sorry for the trouble but that normally means two things:
    a) You accidentally replaced the albums folder.
    b) You accidentally used a new database instead the original one.

    If you moved your install, you need to follow the order described on our site to avoid this.

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