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User group per album

I have to say thank you for developing this wonderful CMS! It works very well!
I have a quick question. Currently I have different audiences for my albums. Is it possible to assign a user group to specific albums? And exclude another user group? This would be ideal!


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited November 2017

    Thanks! You can assign groups to specific top level albums just like individual users.

  • Awesome! I just found what you mean, strange thing is, if I only tick a couple of boxes on the right side for the assigned albums to a user group, it keeps coming back with all boxes ticked for the albums. My user keeps seeing all albums while he/she can only see a couple.

  • I do see the items filtered in the menu, but the gallery shows all.

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited November 2017

    Not sure if I understand correctly. If you are full admin and logged in you always see everything. Superior rights always overpower lower ones. So in case a user is in several groups you might get a mismatch. Not sure if that is what you mean.

    If you haven't yet please also review this page:

  • The user I am testing is not a full admin. Let me explain. I have 10 albums in my gallery. I have no admins (except for myself), only people that view. What I would like to do is to assign a user to a group so he/she can only see 4 of the 10 albums in the gallery. If I assign a test user to a group that can only see 4 albums. He or she can see all 10 albums in the gallery. In the admin menu that user sees just 4 albums under the item album, but in the gallery all 10 albums are accessible and view able by this user.

  • acrylian Administrator
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    I think maybe you misunderstood the rights assigment. That is for managing, not for viewing. Please review the section about visibility on the link I posted above.

  • Ah, it works like a charm with unpublished albums. Thanks for sorting me out!

  • The viewing rights with unpublished albums works really well. Thank you! I now set viewing rights per group. I do see that users can still delete albums by going to the menu and then albums, can I change this somehow? I cannot find this in your instruction. Thanks again for your support.

  • acrylian Administrator

    If they have manage rights to all or specific albums they of course can delete them as well. The publish status has nothing to do with this.
    Keep in mind that you can only assign manage rights to top level albums which then also apply to all child albums.

  • So if I understand you correctly there is no way to only give them viewing rights per album? It is only manage rights that can be assigned on an unpublished album?

  • Ah, just figured it out. You can set the edit rights in the managed album section. Sorry to bug you :-) brilliant site!

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited November 2017

    No, not specicially. You would generally assign the right to view unpublished items or not, then the publish status of the albums would determine what they can see.

    Managing rights have nothing to do with the visibility. Naturally that are superior rights so if they have manage rights to an album, they can and need to see it naturally.

    Unpublished albums (items in general) can be accessed if you know the link to them. See the list of rights here:

  • acrylian Administrator

    No problem. Rights stuff by nature is a bit mind buggling at times ;-)

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