admin toolbox (zpArdoise)

Just upgraded to version, and after checking it out realised I don't have the toolbox any more. Have cleared my cache, cleared cookies for the site, but no joy.

There is not a plug-in shown for the toolbox either.

I'm using the ZP Ardoise theme.
And yes, I'm logging in to my admin user.




  • fretzl Administrator
    Do you perhaps have the show_not_logged-in plugin enabled ?
  • Thanks for the quick response, but no, that option is not enabled.
  • fretzl Administrator
    I don't know from what version you upgraded so maybe you'll have to update your theme as well.

    I added the theme name to the topic title so the author (vincent3569) may respond.
  • I upgraded from Zenphoto

    I will try an upgraded verions of Ardoise, but it's not a route I would prefer to take - too many changes away from the original look and feel.

    Another route may be to run the setup again?
  • fretzl Administrator
    There's no harm in running setup again so you can try that.

    Note that there is an update of the theme for 1.4.2.x and an even newer one for 1.4.3 (that's the nightly build trunk)
  • Hi
    I never had an issue like that.
    You wrote You use a modified version of zpardoise.
    Could You try with zpardoise release 1.4.2 ?
    Could You try with official themes of zenphoto ?
  • So after battling with v. poor broadband (may be due to the wet weather), I uploaded zpArdoise 1.4.2, and by changing an option or 2 . (not sure which one) I got the admin toolbox back.

    But now I'm getting the look and feel problems - I can't get the right combination of colorbox and slideshow setting I want... (which was available with the original version).
  • there is no relation between theme's options and admin toolbox.

    what is your needs with colorbox and slideshow?
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