How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2017 (NEW Guide)

In the online world, search engine marketing is still very important and knowing how to create backlinks for your websites will help you take your site to the next levels. Building backlinks is an important promo method in search engine optimization (SEO) that can considerably increase your site rankings in search engines. That, in turn, means more lucrative for you and your business.

If you’re looking for a search engine optimization company in Dubai, you should make sure that company has expertise in quality link building to earn the top position in popular search engines for your website. According to Google Algorithm’s report, the number of backlinks is not important rather than the quality of links matters. The backlinks you get from Higher Page Rank websites boost your ranking safely and effectively as compared to the links from Lower Page Rank websites. Therefore, it is quite important to hire a professional SEO company which knows the right way to link building.

Here, I’m going to discuss some methods that will help you gain backlinks without any problems. These ways take a little time but when you work steadily and properly on them, you’ll see the best results. Let’s have a look at them if you want to make your SEO campaign successful!

1.Fix all technical errors of your website.

Some common technical issues are slow site loading speed, duplicate content, 302 redirects, redirect chains, canonical errors, 404 errors, duplicate META data, unresponsive website, and incorrect uses of directives (no index, no follow, etc.). Generally, these errors lead to poor user experience. And when you hurt user experience, search engines like Google limits your organic traffic and decreases your site rankings. So, you must fix all technical errors of your website before starting backlinks.

2.Develop strong website structure.

If you develop a strong site structure carefully, you’ll achieve search excellence. Your site structure defines how link equity gets distributed to landing pages through your website. With an SEO friendly site structure, you can easily generate organic traffic and get better chances of higher rankings in search engines. Therefore, the better your site structure, the fewer backlinks you will require.

3.Create valuable content.

Content is the key part of an SEO strategy. It can make or break your SEO campaign. So, you should generate quality and relevant content to publish on higher page rank websites for back linking. It does not matter how much links you build, how well you optimize your site with some quality backlinks; its matter. Also, keep in mind the proper utilization of anchor text in the content. Create valuable and informative content that can appeal a large audience towards your services or products.

4.Use social media channels.

Social media is a fast growing medium of online marketing that can boost your SEO campaign effectively. You can use Twitter and Facebook to promote not only your own links but the great stuff from other people will also earn backlinks for you. This practice helps you in driving better traffic and achieving higher rankings.

5.Try social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is another growing technique which helps in link building. It allows you to share different websites and interesting blog posts with the world. Some links can be your own but the majority people focus on other things from other people. It’ll help build your brand image and people will attract more to what you have to offer.

If you want to boost your SEO with link building techniques, it is suggested you should contact a specialized search engine optimization company in Dubai. Only a seasoned SEO company can achieve your targets and goals by implementing the proven SEO techniques. Contact Jouple to get the best SEO results.
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