register_user plugin and 'albums' db table

eppy Member
Hi folks, the Zenphoto 1.4.14 (official) is a joy to work with, thank you! I'm using the register_user plugin, within the Zenpage theme. I have the register_user plugin set to 1)View fullimage, 2)Upload, 3)Notify, 4) CAPTCHA, 5) User album. All of this is working great; the new registered user can login, upload pics to the 'auto-generated' album, and create sub albums.

When new user logs-in and goes to the 'http://***.com/zp-core/admin-edit.php?page=edit&album=login-name' I noticed that the auto-generated album's Owner is listed as the website 'Masters' user name, instead of the new registered user's name.

The auto-generated record's 'owner' field in the 'albums' table is NULL instead of having the new registered user's login-name. I'd like for the auto-generated albums to have the new registered user name inserted to the 'owner' field automatically too. I could not find which file(s) need to be modified to make it do this. Could you please tell me which files to modify?

Thank you, everybody.


  • acrylian Administrator
    Thanks, glad you like it! The owner is less important than the assignment via the actual user account. It's actually not done in the plugin itself but in the core user handling. We'll take a look.
  • eppy Member
    Thanks for looking into it. I've been trying to find the code to modify, and just realized I have to find a better tool for searching file contents.

    I'm a bit rusty at this stuff...
  • fretzl Administrator
    Please try the 1.4.14 Support build
    Album owner is now set to the user's ID.
  • eppy Member
    Thank you! I will try the 1.4.14 Support Build this evening.

    On a side note; (pre support build)I noticed when I created a sub-album from the admin-edit.php, this sub-album also got the owner listed as the "Master".

    When I created a new sub-album from the admin-upload.php, this sub-album got the owner listed properly as the logged-in user.
  • acrylian Administrator
    The album gets the owner of the user creating it. Do you mean that?
  • eppy Member
    Hi acrylian, related to my side note; when using the Pre-Support Build, the 1) auto-generated (register_user) primary album, and a 2) manually created sub-album (via the 'admin-edit.php'), both had the owner listed as the "Master's" login-name, instead of the new user's login-name. When a sub-album was created from the 'admin-upload.php', the owner name of the sub-album got listed as the logged-in user's name.

    1) and 2) were both happening *before installing the Support Build.

    Wew, that's a mouthful. Hope I clarified your question ok.
    The 1.4.14 Support Build is doing exactly what I was hoping to accomplish, thank you again! Now I can move forward :)
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