Limited amount of users...

Hi Zen-Team,

maybe you can help me out with this one:

When you have a lot of users, you get an error message:

Die Übermittlung des Formulars ist nicht vollständig. Möglicherweise übersteigt die Formulargrösse den Konfigurationswert des Servers oder Browser-Begrenzungen.

(The data is not transferred completely...)

I guess that every user with all settings is always transferred when you change a user or add a user. So after a certain amount of users the string is getting too long and you can't add any more. Is there a way around, that only the changed data is transferred and not everything? I will need even more users, and I am at the end of the possible string length :-(

Hope you understand what I mean, if not feel free to contact me.


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited February 26

    You can limit the number of users per page on Options > General (it's at the bottom). That should workaround this problem.

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