ZenPhoto with Google Cloud hosing.

Can I use ZenPhoto cms with my conventional e-commerce website. I have created my e-commerce store on wordpress. However, some times I have to add multiple images of the products on my website. To ease that process and to make it more effective I am planning to use media based website cms and Zen photo came at the top of the list. So, can I work with the two different cms at the same time or I have to choose one over other and will it be a good approach to use Zen photo for an e-commerce store. My website is hosted on Google Cloud managed hosting server which is powered by Cloudways. So,, Zenphoto is sustainable with managed hosting or I have to figure out some other way to ease the process.


  • acrylian Administrator

    If installed n separate directories you can of course use several CMS on the same webspace. Zenphoto here is not different than WordPress or other CMS.

    If you what to share contents like using images from Zenphoto in thet shop you probably have to develop some facility for that.

    Zenphoto should run on any standard (shared) hosting enviroment. See the requirements on our site.

    will it be a good approach to use Zen photo for an e-commerce store

    No, except a third party PayPal plugin there is no shop related functionality and it officially most certainly never will have any official shop plugin.
    Creating a such a plugin and matching all the different legal requirements all over the world would be full time job we really have no resources for. There are lots of full featured specialized shop CMS including WP's knwon Woocommerce plugin that already do the job better.

  • Thank you, I was looking at shared hosting with a website I've got too.

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