printAlbumMenu & printCustomMenu

I'm trying to build the menu portion of a custom theme. I'm running into a few issues and wondered if I was missing something or if I was trying to do something that wasn't yet possible.

If I use printAlbumMenu any Album that has sub-albums will automatically pint the top Album as a link to a page w/ all sub-albums listed.
Example: Stories (Album) -> Story #1 (sub-album) & story #2 (sub-album)
In this case it's redundant if I were to click on Stories for it to take me to a page w/ the sub-albums listed. Could it be possible to overwrite this and create a "a href="#" type setup?

Or to solve this I created a custom menu which is fine, it just doesn't have a choice to link to the first image in an album. I really don't mind going the custom menu route, I have to create one anyways, but I don't know how to make it bypass the album index page. Is there a good answer? Currently I've just had to handwrite an entire menu.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    1. Yes, make your own custom version of that plugin. The album page with subalbums is standard Zenphoto behaviour and therefore not implemented to skip.

    2. The custom menu indeed does not have the option for the first image. We put that on our list. Again you can of course make your own custom version of that plugin.
  • Using zpfocus menu, how would I create two gallery menu listings of albums that include two different lists of subalbums?

    I want to list separate my local sports photos to make it easier for users to navigate.

    website if
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