Fatal error message: out of memory



  • No, after clicking GO it goes directly to the page with the #2 message.

    I'm not sure what is meant by a form posting. Do I need to do something or is this another server issue? My webhost (Dreamhost) is very slow in responding--usually takes about 36 hours to get a reply, so I may not be able to get much done if it's something they need to fix.
  • This is the URL of the page I land on after clicking GO from the set up page:

  • Yes, that is the URL that should work. Have you tried entering it directly?

    Also try disabling the rewrite option of your server if it is set.

    Unfortunately we are in "unknown" territory here. Such a URL should always work, so I have no idea why it would not.

    Maybe also try the URL: `http://www.bluelioninstruments.com/zp-core/setup/index.php?checked` and see what happens.
  • One more thing. Where is Zenphoto installed on your site? Is it in the root or in a sub-folder?
  • Tried both links and get the same message (#2). Definitely a stumper, eh?

    I looked at the manage domains page and don't see any rewrite option on my webhost site.

    Should I just delete everything and start over fresh? What about using an installer like Installatron?
  • Zen photo is installed in the root folder. Directory is /bluelioninstruments.com/inlaygallery
  • In the directory, the top folder is /bluelioninstruments.com

    Under that are folders with my website pages. One of those folders is inlaygallery and in that folder are the zenphoto files.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    http://www.bluelioninstruments.com/zp-core/setup/index.php?checked indicates that Zenphoto is in the root of the domain.

    It does not matter if that is a subfolder of the webspace if the domain is linked to that folder. That makes it "root" for that domain.

    But it cannot be in the root of that domain as there is another website already. Then the above link would be wrong and probably should be http://www.bluelioninstruments.com/inlaygallery/zp-core/setup/index.php?checked
    That shows a however broken setup file without styles.

    So where is it supposed to be? You can have only one site in the root, either your (Supposedly static html) site or Zenphoto as the CMS.
  • I have gotten to the next page--sort of. I typed in http://www.bluelioninstruments.com/inlaygallery/zp-core/setup/index.php?checked several times; closed out the browser, opened it up again and it went to a page:

    Zenphoto Setup upgrade

    In bold, it says About to update tables...followed by Done with table update.
    Migrating lib-auth data version => version 4.

    Plugin setup: [followed by many many many files(?) starting with admin-approval auto_backup and ending with zpCaptcha.
    Then the flags.

    That's it. No indication of what to do next or where to go. But at least I've gotten this far with your help.
  • I'll be away from the computer for the next hour or so. Thanks for all you've done today. It is sincerely appreciated!
  • The test URL was just that, a test. Unfortunately there is no way to get the proper link to the setup completion page except by the "go" button.

    But it sounds like the WEBPATH computations Zenphoto makes are not correct, so instead of linking to the sub-folder it thinks the install is in the root folder.

    What link did you use to run setup to start with?

    Anyway the fix might be to set the WEBPATH define in the configuration file. Probably to `/inlaygallery/`. It may also be necessary to set the SERVERPATH define as well.
  • I'm back. To run the set up I used:


    I have gone in and changed the zenphoto.cfg.php file as you suggested. It made no difference--the Go button still gives me #2.

    In reference to you post about Zenphoto being the root of the domain: I copied and pasted the url http://www.bluelioninstruments.com/inlaygallery/zp-core/setup/index.php?checked and it took me to the Zenphoto Setup upgrade page.

    In bold--database connected. Beneath that, the list of tables to update, AND A GO BUTTON!!!! Which, when I click, takes me to #2 message. But I'll bet you knew that would happen. Another test?


    Any other thoughts? Should I delete everything and start from scratch?
  • So, are you up to changing some code?

    In `zp-core/setup/index.php` around line 26 you will find the lines:
    if (!defined('WEBPATH')) { define('WEBPATH', $const_webpath); }
    if (!defined('SERVERPATH')) { define('SERVERPATH', $serverpath); }
    Please insert before those lines the following:
    I suspect that this will not be sufficient, but without the result of that var_dump() statement I cannot guess the setting for SERVERPATH.

    I am really at a loss to know why this would show up now, though.
  • Sorry for not being here sooner--I'm in a bit of a panic. Somewhere along the line of changing the config. the whole site has gone down and I'm getting internal server 500 error along with a "misconfiguration or internal error" message. Until I get that solved, this problem with zenphoto is moot.

    Once I get my website back up and working I'll be back--and I'm definitely up for learning how to change code.

    You are incredible--I mean it. I was looking at another photo gallery program and went to the forum to see how problems are handled--can't believe how rude and terse the developer was. I'm grateful for the zenphoto community on the whole, and very especially your kindness, diligence and patience with me.

    I expect I won't be back here until sometime tomorrow. Thank you again for being there.
  • I'm back. I worked on the issues yesterday, and finally decided to try starting from scratch. Noticing that 1.4.6 was just released, I downloaded it and then very carefully installed it and made sure every file actually uploaded. I don't know if this new version is what did the trick, or if somehow a file or two did not load the four other times I uploaded the previous version, but THE SITE IS WORKING!!!! It was actually pretty easy (especially compared to what you had been helping me with this past week!) I kept waiting for something to go wrong, but it didn't--big smiles!

    Thank you for the extraordinary effort and time you put in to trying to help me solve the multitude of problems. I can't begin to express my gratitude for your expertise and willingness to try and problem solve the installation issues.

    Amazing support and definitely not something I did or would ever take for granted. Thank you again.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    1.4.6 has NOT been released yet actually and the post explicitly says it is not recommended to be used on production sites.

    Current officially released version is
  • My mistake...I have installed Don't know where I got the idea it was 1.4.6. All is working fine (still) and again, I thank you both for all your help.
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