Download all images from Gallery?


I have access to my companies Zenphoto page (a front page with individual galleries/photoalbums within) and I would like to download ALL of the images in the gallery/galleries

How is this possible? I have read about the back-end plugin, but I have no idea whether that is available or not, and how I would make use of it

Hope someone can help! Thankyou



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2019

    You can directly download via FTP if you have access to that. By default all orignal albums and their images are within the albums root folder.

    Otherwise you may have to modify the theme used to include a download link to either individual images or ZIPs of complete albums using the downloadlist plugin:

    This will naturally require some basic knowledge. Reading the theming tutorial is strongely recommended:

    It is not possible to download the entire gallery as that surely will cause memory issues. So if you need all at once FTP is the best.

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