Blank index screen after upgrade

I upgraded to v.1.5.5. Now I can't see anything in my gallery.
On the Overview tab it says in red "Site status: The site is closed!"
Is that my problem? I can't see how to re-open the site


  • P.S. I can see the images in the albums in the Administrator

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    "Site status: The site is closed!" is a notice of the site_upgrade plugin being enabled and having the site status set to closed. There are three possible: open, closed and test mode. There should be a button on the overview page's utility buttons. It's text (a bit confusingly) currently changes depending on the status showing what will happen next if you click on it.

    That should currently read "Site > test mode" for you. Clock on it and it should change to "Site > Open". Click again and it should read "Site > close". Now the site is open.

    Normally you would see a placeholder page if the site is closed. Full admins may access the backend directly.

    A blank really white screen would indicate possibly fatal errors you should see in your logs.

  • Thank you so much for replying so promptly. It's open now. Still can't see my large photos tho'. I'll go back to my other discussion for that.

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