Admin Toolbox view, and guest login

A few questions.

How do we hide the admit tool box that shows up on the top left hand side after installation?

In the users menu, is that for admin only or is that for users to login to see our galleries? How to set it up?

Once installation is complete, is it just a matter now of createing galleries folders and uploading our photos and then people can see them? I am hoping it is this simple as the installation process was a little tough for me.



  • acrylian Administrator
    That box is only shown if you are logged in. What links it shows is also dependend on the rights assigned to the user being logged in.

    So what was tough about installation? Our instructions are pretty clear I think. There are no "galleries" in Zenphoto, we call them "album" (please see the glossary on the user guide to avoid confusion). Please take the time to look and get familiar with Zenphoto a little, we really can't explain everything in details, most is really self explanatory.

    For info about the rights management please see our user guide.
  • Of course to you guys it's easy, but I am not good with programming and figuring out this sort of thing, for example, I just uploaded a bunch of pictures to one directory on the site and none of them are viewable... It is really not so easy to figure out, and going through your user guide is highly confusing because I have no idea where to put this code and that code...
  • acrylian Administrator
    You don't need to put code anywhere actually to use Zenphoto with a standard theme.

    Anyway, you have to make sure that your albums and their images are published/visible. There are quite obvious checkboxes for this.

    Or maybe you should be more specific what your problem is.
  • Well, see, the thing is though is that I want to make sure robots don't get into my site and take my pictures, and although I have found some information in the forums here, there is no information on where to put the code, in what file or in what directory. This to you guys is easy and normal, to me it is not.

    Also I want to password and user protect each album, which maybe I have figured out how to do.

    I think my photos are published, the link is selected, but no images are coming up, they are there, they are in the right place and the right directory, but they are not showing up, only showing up with X's. I even cannot see the images within the sort gallery and specific album, so something isn't working right...
  • One more post to make sure you get my point.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    1. is this for all bots and search engins?
    2. Where to put this? is this the .htaccess thing? If so, where in my site should I create this file? In the index file or in the zenphoto directory or...? I actually do not care if any of my site is searchable, I do not use it for a website, it is only for my email and now I will put my photos up there, so I don't care if the whole site is unaccessable by bots, but I want specific answers as to where to put the information to make sure all photos are not accessable by bots, or at least help to keep them out.
  • acrylian Administrator
    1. Yes, that should be it. Please see the following site:

    This is not htaccess obviously, it's robots.txt. Zenphoto comes with a predefined file for this you can modify. Since you surely read our forum rules and TOS you know that we can tell you about general web techniques in detail. You have to learn a few things yourself.

    If you really want to protect your site from all you should either use a htaccess password protection (probably your host provides some backend feature for that).

    Zenphoto passwords protect only access to Zenphoto pages not the full images you upload to the albums folder. If you want to protect this further from hotlinking you have to use htaccess again. There is also a troubleshooting entry about this.

    Also see the entry about file/folder permissions.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Regarding the images issue please see again the troubleshooting.
  • I have looked over a lot of documents on here, but to be honest I feel they are not so straight forward.

    Ok with the help of my hosting they were able to fix several problems they found in the code, kudos to them.

    Now here are some things I would like to do, but am not sure how.

    1. I would like to disable picture click, which if you click a picture in your album that it will bring up a larger image, how do we redirect that link or make it do nothing?

    2. Is there a way to set the photo sizes you want in your gallery, or does that have to be done before uploading?

    3. Is there a way to make the album thumbs bigger?

    4. Is there a way to adjust the watermark wording, size and location?

    5. Is there a way to remove the image file name or change it? Or again this has to be done before uploading?

    6. In order to log back in to my toolbox, I need to use my zenphoto username and password is that the MYSQL username and password I created on the host?

    Thank you
  • Ok I think I have figured out #2, after I created a master login it installed a huge CMS for me, so I think this one I got.

    I think #5 is not so important.

    And #6 I think I figured out, as I am using it now, I just don't know what iwll happen yet when I log out if the toolbox will disappear or not...
  • Ok a new problem.. How to log in after logging out? The toolbox has disappeared and I don't know how to get back to the management now...
  • fretzl Administrator
    In the address bar of your browser type the address of your site and add /admin
    So something like this: ``
    If that doesn't work try: ``
    You should then be able to login with the username and password you specified when you installed Zenphoto.

    When you are logged in try to familiarize yourself with all the options that are available.
    They will answer most of your questions.

    As for question 1) Look at the top of the forum or here
  • Ok I think I have figured out #2, after I created a master login it installed a huge CMS for me, so I think this one I got.
    Not sure what you are saying here. The Zenphoto install process is first you FTP the files to your server. Then you run the setup program. Aside from a few files in the zp-data folder, NO files are created by the installation, certainly none afte the process is done.

    `#1` There are two approaches to this. Easiest is to set the option on the options/image tab for the full image protection to "no access" but if that does not do it, then the theme you are using will have to be modified to remove the link. (Not all third party themes honor these options.)

    `#2` Sounds like you figured this out, but just to be sure: The size of the original image in your gallery is just what you upload. The size of the images shown on your theme page is normally (theme dependent) set by an option.

    `#3` To do this you would need to modify the theme. There is not a separate option for album thumb sizes vs. image thumb sizes.

    `#4` There is no "wording" for the watermark, just an image which is selectable (and you can supply your own.) You can specify the coverage (rough equivalent of size) and the location. See the options for details on all these.

    `#5` Not sure what you are asking. If you really mean the image name, then no, images are files on your computer and therefore must have a {file}name. If you mean the title that is normally displayed, then yes, you can edit this on the image editing tabs.

    `#6` You should have created the Zenphoto user and password during the installation process. That could possibly be the same as you made for your MySQL credentials, but it also might not be (and probably should not be.)

    From this and other remarks I am suspicious that you have installed Zenphoto with a third party install script. While this is very convenient, it has proven to be a problem later in the life of your gallery. Many people report problems when upgrading later or that their user/password no longer works. Unfortunately we, the Zenphoto developers, have no way to help you in those situations as we are ignorant of what exactly these installers have modified within Zenphoto.

    I encourage you to browse the back end with the links that fretzl suggests and see what the possibilities of Zenphoto are.
  • Hi, a little misunderstanding, I do not have any intention to disable the right click button. I want to disable the left click button so that when someone clicks on the photo it does not open a new page with a bigger, higher resolution picture. I want the click to either do nothing, or go back to a menu...

    I read that stuff about the right click button last week, I have no intentions of disabling that, a pain in the neck for one and it will end up causing more issues with the site, I want to keep it simple, I have already watermarked the photos, but I still want to keep the a certain size and not allow an enlargement left click.
  • acrylian Administrator
    You have to modify your theme to do this. Please see the theming tutorial to learn the basics about Zenphoto themes.
  • My response was based on what you were asking. Set the option to "no access". If that does not work then you will have to modify the theme. (It will work in all distributed themes.)
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