Slow Gallery - i.php consuming large CPU amounts.

Hello There,

Firstly, thank you for what seems an excellent gallery system.

I have a gallery of around 5.5k photos built on Coppermine.

Yesterday I installed Zenphoto and migrated over all our photos.

Firstly, this is hosted on a shared hosting account and resources are not exactly huge.

Upon getting all out photos into the gallery I noticed it was very slow to load/navigate around (its held in a non-public directory at the moment and I am the only one with access to it).

I checked in with my hosting provider and they reported the following:

"I've checked the site usage and it seems the file /zp-core/i.php is consuming a massive amount of CPU which is causing the server to limit your site."

Now I have spent some time reading this forum, which has answered most of my questions, but have a few questions.

1) Is this i.php consuming so much CPU simply because the majority of our photos are not yet cached?

2) When the photos are all cached, will the speed issue be resolved?

I am currently running a crawler application to crawl through our entire gallery which, as I expected, is causing the system to make a copy in the /cache dir which is great.

I have the disk space and bandwidth to host the gallery but I was wondering if these CPU issues and speed issues will be resolved simply by have everything cached.

Many Thanks,



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