How to upgrade from 1.0.8 to

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone can help me out or even just point me in the right direction. I can't seem to find anything about this problem in the forums or documentation.

I have an old installation of ZenPhoto on my server which is v1.0.8. According to the latest installer you can only upgrade from v1.1.3.

So my question is, what can I do to upgrade now? Am I completely stuck?



  • acrylian Administrator
    That is not exactly true. With 1.1.3 the setup script has been greatly improve as to previous versions (well it has since then again of course):

    To upgrade from such an old version you have to perform a version by version update. We have not tested upgrading directly from older versions to the current (as noted on above page).

    You probably will have to do some work on your theme (so you use a custom one) as well. See the theming tutorial and/or the news section.
  • My suggestion is to make a test install of your 1.0.8 gallery and see what happens if you upgrade directly to the 1.4x release. Most likely some things will not carry over, for instance I doubt that your user/password will work since they were in clear text on 1.0.8. But it may work for the upgrade. If so be sure the first thing you do is re-save your password to get the database saving the proper encrypted information.

    The other tactic would be to upgrade to v1.2.2 where the backup utility was introduced. Take a backup and then make a clean (new, not upgrade) install of v1.4x. Before running setup, copy the backups folder created by v1.2.2 to the new install. Setup will then offer you to do a restore or create a user/password. Select the restore option. Most likely it will report some restore failures due to the changes made between 1.2.2 and now. But those will hopefully be either trivial or easily taken care of. You may not get some database information carried over because of field name chages.

    Remember that this course has not been tested. Your only "guarenteed" path would be to make an upgrade for each release version of Zenphoto. Probably a fresh install would be quicker.
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