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Hi folks,

I started using Zenphoto today because it seemed to be the only solution I could find that would enable the keywords stamped on my images (using Adobe Bridge and LightRoom) to be read, and hence searchable by the users of my site. I now have three questions:

1). Mine is a WordPress site, so if I understand correctly I need to install a Zenphoto plugin into WordPress. Is that right and, if so, which one?

2). I then want to use FotoMoto to sell my photos, so I've installed FotoMoto's WordPress plugin. Am I right in thinking that this will work with the Zenphoto plugin within WordPress?

3). I would like users to be able to search for photos by keywords (I know ZP calls them tags). Is it possible to do this in such a way that photos that are returned by a search have a list of their keywords next to or under them with checkboxes to enable re-searching for other similar pictures? An example of what I mean appears in the following: http://olsonfarlow.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Palmyra/G0000DGADFevnnzE/I0000v6EM7neLk3g. (I know that using PhotoShelter could be a solution for me, but I'm already too far down the road with a website developer I've hired to do that. She's built my site, and the only issue we are left with is this matter of a powerful search that reads my images' keywords).

Thanks so much in advance!



  • #1. Not sure where this stands since WP has changed how they load plugins. Best search the forum for ideas.

    #2. Even with #1, Zenphoto is still independent, so WP plugins are not available to ZP scripts. You will need something different. I do not recall a FooMoto plugin for ZP. There have been PayPal and Google Checkout ones, though. Plugins are listed on the WEB site.

    #3 Zenphoto does provide a search within search facility. But the provided solutions do not have the checkboxes you describe. All this would be possible with coding, though.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    #1: sbillard refers to the "zenphoto as a plugin" way. As he said that is not working and was no real integration anyway. It was to help theming. You still have to theme the Zenphoto part of your site independently. Although there are some way to do that. See the user guide for info.

    But there are a bunch of Wordpress plugins, especially the actively developed Zenphotopress is recommended, to enable you to include images in WP posts. See our extensions section for available Wordpress plugin to work with Zenphoto. Note these are all third party.

    #2: No, there is indeed no such plugin available. But I think there was a topic about that in the past.
  • Thanks folks.

    So, the answer to #1 is to use ZenphotoPress?

    On #2, instructions from FotoMoto's own website on how to install FotoMoto on ZenPhoto are at http://support.fotomoto.com/customer/portal/articles/8497-How-do-I-install-Fotomoto-on-ZenPhoto- - I was not referring to a FotoMoto plugin for Zenphoto, but rather a FotoMoto plugin for WordPress, and asking if asking my website developer to follow these instructions could make the three work together if the Zenphoto plugin looks after my image archives within my WordPress site. Basically, I want visitors to come to www.robinwyatt.org/photography (built using WordPress) and to go to the archive section and select photos positioned there using Zenphoto, and purchase them without leaving the site using FotoMoto.

    #3: I need to get the Zenphoto search function adapted via coding? Will this have to be re-coded when upgrades are released?

    By the way, a #4 is that I realised my hi-res images have unique URLs that can be arrived at (and will presumably soon be found by Google Images) even if I have not published my albums and images within Zenphoto. Is there a way to hold these back from public consumption until bought? I thought not publishing them was the answer.

    Thanks again and warm wishes!

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    #1 It is an recommendation since it is actively developed. I never used it or any other Wordpress plugin myself (especially since Zenphoto can run a full website and not just a gallery). You will have to look at little yourself what of those plugins fits your needs.

    #2 Since Wordpress and Zenphoto are INDEPENDENT CMS systems a Wordpress fotomoto plugin will do nothing for the Zenphoto part of your site. All Wordpress plugins fetch info via Zenphoto but it is not a real integration. Remember, Zenphoto is NOT a plugin to any CMS. All you want to do with fotomoto you have to do with Zenphoto, not Wordpress.

    #3 If you modify the core functionality, of course. Whatever extra functionality you need should be done as a plugin and/or theme custom function.

    #4 Use the robots.txt file properly configured and also please see the troubleshooting about hotlinking protection and server permissions.

    If you want to hide your images you should probably use an external albums folder outside the web root. Depending on the size (dimensions) of your images you might also not want to use hires fullsize images in the albums folder but store them elsewhere as that might overload your server when processing the thumbs etc. Remember we are open source so of course everyone can easily find out where your images are stored with Zenphoto usually. You also need to understand the general concept of full iamges and cached images.
    Info about all that on the troubleshooting.

    Btw, isn't it the taks of your developer to take care of these investigations?
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