viewer comments for zp galleriffic?

I'd like to use the zp galleriffic, but I'd like to be able to do two things:

1) somehow allow users to upload photos to a specific gallery (like a group of 24 photos in a galleriffic gallery)

2) allow the same users and the moderator to comment on the photos in that particular gallery. Kind of like how you can do so on Facebook (have a running thread of comments for each image).

Is this possible?



  • I do not know the specifics of the ZpGallerific theme. But there is a good chance that all you will have to do is set up the appropriate rights for those users to handle #1. But for #2 I am sure you will have to customize the theme. There is no mechanism for enabling comments only on certain albums.

    You can prevent comments by "non-users" but then those who are allowed to comment may comment on any object for which comments are in general allowed. You would have to add the code which would exclude all but the chosen from commenting.
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