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acrylian Administrator, Developer
Read all about the recent change on our site:


  • I had for a long time thought why is ZP using WP, I mean ZenPage is not all that bad, of course it is not as slick as Wordpress but for the most part it does what is needed.

    Having said that one of the gripes I do get from some people using ZenPage is the fact that it is not like Wordpress for the blog side, which then takes me time to show them how the ZenPage News function can work very similar to Wordpress. It is all a a matter of what you are use to I guess :0

    So it is good to see the ZP team is now using their own solution, it makes sense to use your own solution rather than one that is not.

    If you could add a comment system into Zenpage news items or even the pages then it will be better again.


  • Well, we left out the comments as we prefer that these discussions be done here on this forum.

    The reason for the long duration between Zenphoto having the capability of doing the Website and actually doing it had to do with the transition issues. First we had to build a Wordpress importer. Even that is not perfect due to how Wordpress stores its text. There was a large amount of manual intervention needed as well.

    All this works was done by acrylian. We should all give him a vote of thanks for making this happen.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    To add regarding comments: We never got that much comments on the Wordpress site before. Most where trackbacks or spam. The most happens on the forum and since we are a rather small team (another difference to WP..;-)) we prefer to have all in one place.

    Btw, thanks for the "ZenPage is not all that bad"..:-)
  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    Looks good @acrylian! Great job!
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Thanks as well!
  • hi,

    congratulations for using zenphoto / zenpage to manage the website zenphoto.
    it is a great achievement which shows the enormous power and capacity of zenphoto.

    some reports :
    - in the extentions pages, the "usage information" link of the google_maps plugin is unavaliable...

    - many other links (http://www.zenphoto.org/documentation/plugins/_zp-extensions---filter-crop_image.php.html for exemple) are unavaliable.

    - bugtracker link is unaviable too

    maybe it's a problem due to the migration...
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Thanks for the notes! Sorry, indeed migration problems. These are actually conflicts with the rewrite rules to redirect the old Wordpress site type links.

    Since I don't have a complete setup locally which also included the documentation and trac I indeed forgot to take care of these in the rewrite rules. Will be fixed soon!

    btw, I believe the google maps link has nothing to do with this and is actually just outdated when we changed the structure of the documentation a little (actually since it is an official plugin it normally should not have a link on the extension section at all)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Update: Trac link is fixed now. In case someone is interessted the reason was not the switch but just a conflict with Zenphoto's very own rewrite rules. They pass any link to a real existing directory or file to that file/directly bypassing rewrite rules.

    So for example if you have an album "folder" and a real folder named the same you can't access the album if modrewrite is enabled. Since /trac is not a real folder itself but a redirection itself it conflicted. This should be fixed now.

    And the plugin doc links not working is indeed just a matter of being outdated:
    Old: http://www.zenphoto.org/documentation/plugins/_zp-extensions---filter-crop_image.php.html
    New: http://www.zenphoto.org/documentation/plugins/_zp-extensions---crop_image.php.html
  • Hi there, just downloaded Zenphoto and when I click on the installation/upgrade page at http://www.zenphoto.org/news/installation-and-upgrading#2 I get a blank page. I'm guessing this is a migration issue? Hoping you can clean it up soon, I'm keen to dive in and play! :)
  • It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing this out.
  • :( Still not working.
  • Ah, but yes it is. Maybe you need to clear your browser cache.
  • Strangely enough, I'm getting blank white page too. And I'm positive that it's not a browser cache issue.

    And as a test, I browsed from News -> User Guide -> Installation, Upgrading, and Requirements

    Still blank white page when clicking to that page.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I am sorry, I am not able to reproduce this behaviour, too. It works all fine and as intended for me. I might be very well the browser cache as sometimes there were glitches with the rewrite rules from the old WP links to the new ones. But by now there should not be any old links on the site itself (there are of course on the forum).
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Update: I was finally able to reproduce this and I could even fix it! It was simply a wrong XHTML doctype declaration!

    Seemed we somehow used still an old type of declaration that is now outdated... That part of the site was used for quite some time so we or more specifically I did not even look at that when working on it...

    Strangly all worked fine in Safari but indeed not Firefox. Never encountered that the doctype causes this blank page behaviour before.

    Anyway, it all should work now! If not report!
  • I am migrating a Zen Commerce site from Dedicated Hosting with Go Daddy to a Go Daddy Shared Hosting Site. I paid for them to handle the migration and all transfers. They did not and cannot do it right.
    For some reason, under the includes Folder the configuration.php is empty and am asking advice if this can be re configured, and how I would go about it and finding out the correct configuration code, or could pay someone to do it. The site is <link removed by moderator> which comes up, but once you go into the store, it gives a blank page with a message that reads Zen must be configured etc. All the files are there, but can't get it on the new site without the config. Hopefully you can advise me.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Wrong forum, we have nothing to do with ZenCart.
  • The admin news box is linked to either an old or bad link. Just a heads up.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    You mean the one on the overview page? Thanks,that has not been changed yet.

    Seems there is also a small issue with redirecting as some of the old links were mixed upper-/lowercase while the new ones are only lowercase. Haven't had the time to figure out how to rewrite this properly...
  • Ipstenu Member
    RSS question.

    I follow the RSS feed for the news and nothing more (I prefer it to email alerts) and the ONLY thing I miss from the WP days was being able to ONLY follow RSS feeds for one category.

    If I follow the news feed, I get all the plugins, showcase updates, etc etc. Is there any way to JUST follow http://www.zenphoto.org/news/category/news via RSS?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Yes, of course. Just use:
    I will add a link for that as well.
  • Ipstenu Member
    SWEET! :D Love you guys!
  • And now the site is running the beta of Zenphoto 1.4.1
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