how to upgrade from 1.1.6 to 1.4 version ?


I've tried today to update my zenphoto installation… I had some troubles (warning during the setup) I could manage but at the end, I've lost the content of the tables zp_albums and zp_images (the other tables seems ok)

I have 62 albums for 4310 images
the albums are not in zenphoto folder (so I'm using $conf['external'] in zp_config.php)

is there something special I should do to upgrade my version of zenphoto ?

I've read this page and didn't find anything special to do in my case :



  • I can't even view page: , it's just blank in both Firefox and Chrome...?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    It should now work all again:

    Short answer to upgrading from such old versions is to upgrade step by step. A little inconvenient but we do not test upgrading from those old versions due to a lack of resource.

    Make sure you use the right table prefixes for the new install. Otherwise Zenphoto creates new ones and uses those with the old ones still being there.
  • BTW, we do "expect" that direct upgrades will work. But since they have not been tested there is always the possibility that we have overlooked some dependency that one of the interm releases has satisfied but would not be satisfied on a direct leap.

    In your case, the problem is that the specificaions for the non-standard album locations have changed. `$conf['external_album_folder']` [sic] does not exist in the new releases. You need to look at the zp_config.php.source file and use it as the base for your upgraded configuration file.
  • thanks to both of you
    I'll try again asap and let you know the result
  • Thanks again, guys.
    I'm viewing the pages now
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