high number of images in gallery

Is there anyone out there that have a high number of images in their ZenPhoto website?

I have about 50,000 images in a collection and it is growing. I want to put the collection online. Can ZenPhoto handle a gallery with thousands of images? Does ZenPhoto slow down?

For those that have lots of images in ZenPhoto, could you please share your experience?



  • It is not so much a question of if Zenphoto can handle it. It can. But can your server handle the load?
  • acrylian Administrator
    See the troubleshooting on that topic to learn why it is not Zenphoto itself preventing this.
  • @acrylian - I am trying to determine if ZenPhoto is capable of handling a large gallery. Is there a general writeup that explains what ZenPhoto can or cannot do?

    @sbillard - Please, clarify your statement. Are you saying that ZenPhoto can handle a large gallery with 50,000+ images? Is ZenPhoto designed to handle such a large gallery?
  • Zenphoto is filesystem based. If your filesystem can handle that many files, so can Zenphoto.

    Zenphoto is not the limiting factor in this. Can your server handle the hit rates you might get from that number of images? Can your server handle the processing overhead of serving the pages, file searches, etc.

    Certainly you cannot expect a Pentium II PC to deal with a gallery of that size if you expect any moderate WEB traffic. But it will do quite nicely if you have one visitor per month.
  • Thanks for the clarification!
  • acrylian Administrator
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