How to Upgrade without overwriting my changes


I'm currently on version and was looking to see how I can upgrade to the latest version. I have modified my albumb.php, image.php, index.php and the css for my theme files.

Is there a way to upgrade without overwriting my changes?



  • Depends. Did you make copies of the scripts or just modified the originals? If you did the latter, now would be a good time to make copies. The upgrade will replace all the files Zenphoto provided, so if you modified the theme files directly these changes would be overridden.
  • Ok, so I would then have to re-add all my changes back into those files
  • Not if you make a new copy and use that copy, not the released scripts. That is what you should have done in the first place.
  • Sorry, I think I'm misunderstanding.

    Make a copy of what?

    All I did after my initial installation was to to add some code to the album, image and index.php files.

    Can you take me through what I should do if I wanted to make changes to those files. Is there a better way?

    Sorry I'm now more confused :(
  • fretzl Administrator
    Make a backup of your (modified)theme folder.
    Follow the upgrade instructions
    (Be sure to also make backups of your albumsfolder, uploaded folder and backup folder)
    Put back your modified theme folder after the upgrade.
  • acrylian Administrator
    What you should have done before modifying is to copy/duplicate the theme used and rename it (= make a custom theme). Say you used the default theme, duplicate it and rename it my_default. You can still do that. Best place a copy elsewhere so you don't accidentally delete it on upgrade. Copy it back later.

    If you don't overwrite hte contents of the themes folder completly and just replace the standard themess your custom theme won't be overwritten.

    Same with any plugin you may have modified. (You of course should NEVER modify core files.)

    Of course if you modified an very old version of the theme it might need an update. Then you have to either update the modified theme or reapply your changes to a new version (and do all above again).

    See for an explanation of what files to update.
  • Thanks very much. I managed to upgrade now.

    Appreciate your help
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