Zenphoto Update with ZP Focus Theme?


I please need to know if this new update will work with mt existing ZP Focus Theme? I have 2 site using this theme and I have them for clients of my and I can't have the themes modified - for right now anyway. Please help! I also may need someone to upgrade these 2 sites for me. It would be way over my head right now. I am willing to pay some $$$ !!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim :)

URL: www.jerseyshorerr.com
URL: www.village-lutheran.org


  • The site upgrade is quite simple, there are instructions located here for upgrading:

    As far as the theme, I think gjr is working on making them 1.4.2 compatible, but they work (mostly) with the beta. I haven't tried them against as I don't have it on my box atm.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I think in general themes from 1.4.1.x should work fine on 1.4.2.x. At least all of the standard theme did not require any specific changes (even our rather complex own zenphoto.org theme works fine on 1.4.2 beta.)
  • You have done egregious modifications to the zpFocus theme in both these sites so who knows, however the last version of zpFocus should work fine in 1.4.1.x or 1.4.2 with at least the deprecated functions plugin enabled.
  • Hi all! Thanks so much for replying back nd I am actually going to try and have my Host Gator Support Techs going to try to upgrade these for me. They did say they would try for $35.00 per site. But also, if they cannot do it, is there anyone here that could do it for me for around the same price and I can certainly PayPal to an account if this can be done. I also realize that I have changed the templates, but only in the css codes and only background colrs and font text colors, other than that, no crazy modifications, etc... Please help if you can! Thanks, Jim :)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    You can do the upgrade of the Zenphoto installations itself yourself. How that is done is described quite detailed on our installation page. Then you will also see if it works with your theme modifications or not.
  • Hi acrylian and all,

    Thanks for posting back so fast. I still have the Host Gator techs working on this for me and they are having some issues still. If they cannot do the job, I will try to upgrade this myself, but also I may still be in need of a 3rd party programmer to help me please - paid of course! Thanks all for your help so far!

    Jim :)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    You find persons available for paid support on our paid support page.
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