Background-image styling

I am using default zenphoto template altering the dark.css. in the theme folder

Cannot seem to style body or others tags with background img url in style sheet.

Allways stays white . I have checked with firebug but nothing seems out of place.

I can style in-line at tags so I know my paths are correct.
and it looks great but obviously something is interupting the cascade from the style sheet.. this only happens with image backgrounds and not colors.

I would post the url for you guys but I am doing the design locally with Wamp server.

I really like the functionality Zenphoto seems to have and I am looking forward to gaining some experience with it.
any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Do not know what Im overlooking?


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    You mean you use the same paths inline as in the dark.css file ?

    If you use relative paths, the inline style would look something like this: `url(images/filename.jpg)`.
    In the stylesheet it would look like this:
  • Sorry I should have clarified that in the original post.
    Yes, I followed the same path protocol as above checked for all the usual stuff spelling brackets etc.. still nothing seems out of place.
    Being very novice with js and php I was wondering if a function was calling some styling at the parent level I was not aware of?
  • Found the solution to the problem with body deceleration.

    Since I was using a 100px x 100px png for the background the repeat deceleration needed to be included as well as the positioning in order to render.

    I assumed that this was by default unless an x or y needed to be declared.

    The repeat declaration added by itself still did not render until the position was added also.

    background:#222 url("../images/bgRepeat.png") repeat 0 0;

    thank you freztl for the reply
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