Bug 1
Bug on Automatically generated album
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Album::getAlbum() in C:\xampp\htdocs\zenphoto\zp-core\admin-functions.php on line 1060
To reproduce the error, create a new user through the admin and check 'create primary album'
Logout and login as the new user. Go to albums and click the new album
Bug 2.
How come after enabling user_login-out v1.4.1 plugin, the username doesnt appear on the index page(home).
Bug 3.
menu_manager v1.4.2 Plugin
menu_tab_edit.php - Typo on line 21 $result = updateMenuItem($report);
I guess should read $result = updateMenuItem($reports);
4. Just designed a plug-in vastly inspired by the Menu manager plugin. How do I make it visible to any logged in users so they can upload their their personal profiles.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Thanks. But for concrete bug reports please file tickets (one for each bug) on the bug tracker. Otherwise they might get lost. Thanks.
  • OK @ acrylian. will keep on testing this 'toaster'
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Missed your 4. I do not understand what that plugin does though. But for login status checks see the authority class on the documentation and read the related user guide articles.
  • Bug #2 Certainly not a bug. The user's name never shows on the index page. If you want that you will have to make your theme show the user's name.

    #4, I presume you want to place HTML on the user tab for each user. If so, you attach to the appropriate `filter`. You can review the various user plugins to see how (and where) they do this.
  • @ acrylian
    THe plugin is meant to give any registred user a page to showcase their personal profiles etc
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