multiple galleries on one zenphot install

Hi all
I have just discovered Zenphoto a fwe days ago, and was the most logical alternative to wordpress(which I never used and dont know)to me.
I am quite impressed with this little packagem thanks for your work and support.

I have been looking to implement multiple galleries on my homepage (zpskeleton), and saw a few threads which all lead to installing multiple zenphotos.

I think I might have found a simple hack that does the job, please let me know if I am wrong and will result in issues later in my development.

1. Create albums (any amount) with or without subalbums.
2.Make sure to name the albums and in the album admin page rename the folder (in the utillities in the righ bar), I used folder1 and folder2 in this example.
3 open "inc-header.php"
4 remove a few lines with the link to you gallery(around line 134)
5 add new links to your folders/albums like this:

{li)(a href="")folder1(/a){/li)
(li)(a href="")folder2(/a)(/li)

(I used (&) instead of <&> due to forum errors, please change vefore using this code)

this should work, but there is still a link back to gallery on each page, and should not be there for easthetic reasons.

Remove this by removing the entire <h5> tag from "albums.php".

Now there should be two links where there was one gallery link, both going to their individual album, now treated as gallery.

I have this working on my site, which is still under construction.

I hope this helps, let me know if it does not work for you.

Peter hamilton


  • There are several approaches to the multiple galleries solution.

    1. You can have a different theme for individual root albums.
    2. Install individual copies of Zenphoto in different root folders.
    3. Use the "multiple layouts" plugin to give specific pages different look and feel.

    The specific steps you used seem unique to the theme you have chosesn. Unfortunately I am not conversant with that theme, so cannot comment on on the changes.

    Coming soon in the next release of Zenphoto will be some help for taking path #2. With Zenphoto 1.4.3 (and currently in the development nightly builds) we have implemented the ability to "clone" the zenphoto scripts to multiple installs. Basically this is done by using "symlinks" for the Zenphoto folders. But because of the quirks of symlinks and PHP there was considerable work needed on Zenphoto to make this work smoothly.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    What you did is actually just adding toplevel albums to the main navigation. That is not really the same actually.

    The multiple sites with one install means actually really independent installs on different domains with different look, content and settings but just one core Zenphoto install. This is the functionality that can be previewed and tested in the dev nightly builds as expained by sbillard.
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