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I use zenphoto- and theme zpFocus. The plugins filter-personal_album and register_user v1.4.1 are installed. With the options address field: to be displayed and user album: to be created. The new registrant has the right to upload.
When I as Master create a user everything works fine.
All what happens now, when a new user registers; a anew album created and named after his name and appropriate Entry in in table [prefix]_albums. NO more.
What I would like:
1. The new Registrant becomes email to verify than can login and upload in the created and to him assigned album.
2. Edit the registration form; it is no more the comment_form.php as it was in earlier version.
3. Displays notification after the registration, e. g. “thanks for Registration, “

Any help appreciated and thanks in advanced


  • acrylian Administrator
    The plugins filter-personal_album and register_user v1.4.1 are installed

    I don't know the first but I think its functionality has been incorporated. So you should really use the included register_user plugin in

    1. The plugin provides this.
    2. The comment form plugin provides the address fields, besides that the register_user plugin has an additional form(register_user_form.php).
    3. The plugin does this as well.
  • First, you should NEVER mix files from one release with another. In this case the register_user plugin should be the one form 1.4.2 not from 1.4.2.

    I do not really understand #2, but do note that certain common fields are provided by a single source. In this case the address fields come from the comment form plugin.
  • ayad Member
    I use the right version of register_user 1.4.2, no versions mixed; it was just a mistake by copy and paste, sorry.

    Till now I couldn’t find the functionalities in frontend to write new registrant’s data in DB or send mail! Isn’t this right?
    In backend/Admin email-newuser.php does send email.

    Would you please answer the question; where is the code that does insert user, pass into table prefix(' administrators')?

    Thank you
  • acrylian Administrator
    Is the plugin configured properly, does the user have an email address, is a mail plugin enabled and configured?
  • In answer to your question of where is the code, it is in the lib_auth script, Zenphoto_administrator object. However note you should not issue these queries directly. Use the object model to add a user.

    The function to send a mail is `zp_mail()`.
  • ayad Member
    Is the plugin configured properly?
    Yes. I have tried all configurations’ possibilities in it!

    Does the user have an email address?
    I insert a valid email-address as everything else in register form through the registration. After the Registration, when I search in DB, I can find neither name nor email-address nor the others user’s data.

    Is a mail plugin enabled and configured?
    Yes, as I mentioned above when I as Master in backend do create a new user, every things works fine inclusive inserting registrant’s data in DB and sending email.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Are you maybe loggedin when you try to register a new user? I am not the expert on this plugin but I assume you need to be loggeded out to be able to. Otherwise you have to manually create a user on the backend.
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