Request for new functionality (Markdown and article by mail)

In recent months, I use an ipad for a lot of things and I would like to simplify my way to update my site.
I found articles on the code "markdown"
`` which is ideal for writing when you're on the move, it remains only to send the item in this form and the site code in html text automatically. Except that it is not planned for the moment, in zenphoto. I am doing some testing with wordpress "wp-markdown" and send item by mail, it's fantastic.
It would be nice if this kind of integrated Zenphoto functionality.
Thank you for reading.


Ps: Automatic translation by google translate.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Quite good translation I think if what I read is what you wrote..;-))

    Our backend should actually work on an iPad. Did you try that?

    Generally you should open a ticket for any feature request you wish to be considered. On the forum all gets easily forgotten.

    But as always there is no guarantee that we do it. (the markdown tool is quite old and uses Perl so we probably will not do anything using not the ZP standard language).
  • Thanks for your answer.

    Yes the backend works great, but you have to be connected (i don't have a 3g Ipad).
    The advantage of the markdown is to write article with no connection.
    I just find the markdown but maybe they are a most recent tools that can be implemanted into Zenphoto.

  • I just create the ticket #2229

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