akismet antispam plugin

I'm working on adaptation of akismet spam filter to be a "real" plugin, conforms with the zenphoto plugin architecture...
orginal post about the filter here : http://www.zenphoto.org/support/topic.php?id=9793

I have a question : can I use my beta release of this plugin on older release than 1.4.4 for testing (I have no spam on dev site) ?
To do that, should I suppress all filters in zp-core/zp-extensions/spamfilters/ to avoid any class issues ?


  • acrylian Administrator
    There is a legacySPam plugin in 1.4.4 that allows to run the old style of spamfiltler for the time being (probably abandoned with 1.4.5 then).
  • The older versions of Zenphoto will not properly invoke a spam filter that is changed to be a plugin so you will have to upgrade your site to 1.4.4 in order to test it.

    But as acrylian has mentioned, your old plugin can be used as well on that release, so your site will be protected when you ar not testing the new akismet spam filter.
  • bic Member
    Vincent, thank you for adapting akismet to zenphoto. I have a request for a new option, if it's not too hard to implement:
    when the filter is set to Forgiving it would be nice to have the possibility to disable comment notification for the "forgiven" spam.
    I used to keep forgiving enbled, but then my IP was added to a blacklist by my hosting company, due to the notification messages sent from Zenphoto.
  • I guess you wish to have notifications only for the real messages, but not for "forgiven" spam .
    I suppose that it impacts the zenphoto core.
    The easiest way is probably to disable message notification in all cases through the existing option.
  • bic Member
    Yes, your guess is correct. I know that notification involves Zenphoto core, but I suppose the same happens with moderated or rejected messages, so I was wandering if there was an easy way to tell Zenphoto that a forgiven message doesn't necessarily need a notification. Anyway if it's tricky to implement I can live without :)
    Thanks again for the plugin, akismet is really effective in detecting spam!
  • Probably you should open a new feature request ticket for handling of the notification. I can see several options:

    1. email only "accepted" messages
    2. an option for emailing accepted and/or moderated messages.
    3. Maybe even add rejected messages to #2.

    But we will need some feedback to understand what people want. Unfortunately neither acrylian nor I actually enable comments on our sites, so have no experience here.
  • bic Member
    The 3th option is quite scary :)
    Anyway if it's just for me doesn't matter at all. I thought it was possible to do this without involving Zenphoto core, but I realize now I was totally wrong.
  • hi

    you can find a beta release of akismet span filter plugin:
    it could be used only with zenphoto 1.4.4

    during beta tests, each action of the plugin are logged in debug log.

    thanks in advance for feedbacks and bug reports in this post.
  • bic Member
    Hi Vincent, I tested your beta version on my dev server (locally) and it seems to work. Of course I made the test with a fake spam author, as you suggest in your hosting page. As soon as I will update my real site (hopefully very soon), I'll test it on a real server.
  • bic Member
    Hi again Vincent,
    I've updated my live site and installed your plugin. Everything seems ok, I'll post here if something wrong happens.
  • hi

    The release 2.0 of akismet plugin is now avaliable for ZenPhoto 1.4.4 (and more)

    Improvements of 2.0 release
    • Rewrite of the plugin to be compliant with ZenPhoto plugin architecture
    Follow the link :
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