remove cache and add alt tags

hi , i,am new to zenphoto plz help me. I use photo gallery to upload latest movie related stills , i use windows software to re-size and watermark and google speed cache. I just need way to stop cache and display full image. I try ed all old hacks in this forum but they are not working. Also when code worked with errors image alt tags are not printed. plz help me to setup gallery with full images and alt tags.

i tryed this
but i got error.
my gallery is at


  • First, the topic you reference is quite old, so not suprising it does not work for you.

    If all you want is to display the image you uploaded you will need to change the theme to directly use an img src tag. There are no functions for printing the full sized image since no one usually wants/needs to do that.

    If you are using normal "sized" images there is no way to turn off the caching--that is a performance issue: it is much cheaper to cache the image once than to test every time someone references it to see if it should be cached.

    I guess also I do not understand why you care if the image is cached--that takes very little disk and disk is cheap. Why not just let Zenphoto do its thing?
  • i care about google image seo. same image is getting indexed 2 times.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Not if you disable indexing of the full images in /albums using robots.txt.
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