Can't login after replacing with backup

The other day I backed up my site and did an upgrade to 1.4.4.
Before doing so I backed up the zp database for safety.

Upon re-running the setup, something with our template was not working and I could not get in touch with the designer as quickly as I would have liked, so I deleted everything and uploaded the backed up files. (reincluding the setup folder and php file)

Upon re-running the setup on what should be the original I can't log in.
I definitely have the right credentials, as they are remembered by the browser. I've deleted all cookies and tried in a browser that has never loaded the admin page. I can't log in.

Can anyone help. I am getting a php error code, I don't know if it's related, or an additional problem:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /[SERVER DATA]/zenphoto/zp-core/lib-auth.php on line 572

Please advise if possible. Thanks.


  • How was your database backed up?

    I presume the error you got was on the release. It can happen only if there is a bad entry for the "Version" of the authentication Rights values. That could come from the database being set from the 1.4.4 release instead of the 1.4.2 one.

    If the database is wrong, then probably the password hashes are also wrong so that would explain your not being able to log in.

    You can use the drop administrator table password recovery technique to get going again, but if your database is out of sink there may be other issues.
  • Thanks.
    Since I got in touch with the excellent theme developer osWebCreations (GJR-Web), I'm reupgrading and going to try out his theme fix. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

    Thanks for the solution of the Drop Administer table technique. I don't know it but if this doesn't work I'll look it up.
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