Strange URL or Browser Happenings

I am using the Zen page theme and latest version. I have created a Page for a way to return to the main site and have listed it first on the menu.

Using Firefox, either of these three addresses, results in reaching the correct page.

3. http:// (etc)

In using Chrome, if I use #1 or #3 above I reach the menu, but the page link at the top is there, but is no longer a hyperlink.

Using #2, it is there.

I don't have IE anymore to know how that is reacting.



  • acrylian Administrator
    I think I don't understand. `www` is actually a subdomain so the addresses `` and `` are technically separate ones. Although most servers are configured to threat them like one (for SEO you should add rewrite rules so accessing one is always redirected to the other - see duplicate content).`Http` is just the protocol that all browser add themselves.
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