zpBootstrap – a responsive ZenPhoto/ZenPage theme


as discuss before (http://www.zenphoto.org/support/topic.php?id=10747), my new responsive theme is ready.
you can see it in action here : http://bootstrap.vincentbourganel.fr/

I have some packaging to do, but it should be downloadable in few days.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Please report bugs on the Zenphoto forum and I will try to fix as soon as possible.


  • Superb. I know a lot depends on one's taste, but I like very much white or pale and uncluttered backgrounds. If it were mine, I would add or modify the following:
    – In "News", the top "newer - older" buttons are constricted to the narrower right column. In French, Italian and Spanish, the buttons touch each other and are superimposed when the window is between 780 - 1000 px wide approximately. I would probably use the entire with of the window, just like at the bottom. That's the only real bug I found.
    - I would probably switch columns in the comments section: already written comments on the left, new comment on the right. It would also follow the logic you have in single-column mode (< 780 px), where the new comment is at the bottom.
    – I would remove the "Resize" button as it disfigures a bit the bottom border. Besides, I was actually expecting some Javascript gizmo that would work from within the window.
    – No idea how EXIF data would be displayed.

    If I use that theme, I would use it with rectangular vignettes (90% of my photos are horizontal) and with the "Slide show" option.

  • Michel, thanks for the feedback !

    You are right for the "newer - older" buttons. I will fix this issue.

    About comments columns switch , I will try, but not sure (I Think it will be a inelegant space in the left if there is no comment).

    Of course, the resize button is only for the demo, and it will not be in the downloadable package.

    For the pictures thumbs, I need to be compatible with the responsive grid, otherwise thumbs will not automatically resize (it's a hard job to make responsive gallery website, and after all there is some headach for me ;-))

    The homepage with the slider is in option.

    Googlemap and exif are not supported in this release because I do not have enough time to do that : I want to publish this theme and fix the major issues of this first release.

    But, as the theme for zpardoise, I hope to gradually expand.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Looks good, Vincent. There is of course no need that every theme has to support everything.

    Will add an entry on the theme's section as soon as possible. I will take screenshots from the full size and the smallest.
  • Hi

    the first release of zpBootstrap is now avaliable to download.

    Please, follow the link to read the news and for download the theme :

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Please report bugs on the Zenphoto forum and I will try to fix as soon as possible.

    Any advice about english, deutsch, spanish and italian translations would be appreciate.

    @sbillard - acrylian : please, use the link above to add the entry on the theme's section.
    It's my own site, and with this link, you can access to the downlable file and to the demo site.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sure, link is changed. The German texts except the content parts look fine (standard string covered by the standard translation).
  • There is some translations with the theme.

    The translated strings are in the admin panel and in the front-end (specific message to disabled colorbox and slideshow plugins)

    If can have a look, i would be fine ;-)

    Note :
    there is a mistake to the url to my website : the link to my website on i-feel-dirty, zpArdoise and zpBootstrap pages should be http://www.vincentbourganel.fr/ (http://vincent.bourganel.free.fr/ is now closed)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Did you setup the theme for theme translations?

    Thanks, links are fixed.
  • yes, I use some specific translated strings for the theme, with gesttext_th('blabla', 'zpBoostrap').

    But I can't do all translations myself...
    I did english, german, spanish and italian, I sometimes use google translation, and I am not sure of all translations.

    So any feedback for all these translations would be appreciate.
  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    I just sent you the Dutch translation ;-)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Will take a look at the German one.
  • acrylian, fretzl : thanks, I realy appreciate
  • the theme is updated with Dutch and German translation.
  • Heart Member
    Thanks vincent!!! What a great theme!!!

    One small problem, I haven't enabled RSS but the RSS icon is always there in frontend.
  • HI Heart,
    can you explain where do you have disabled RSS Feed ?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Probably he refers to Options > RSS.
  • Heart Member
    @acrylian correct

    In the bootstrap theme options there is NO option to disable RSS so I thought the general options > rss is used!?
  • OK
    I saw where the problem was.
    I have updated the theme with RSS Feed Options and you can dowload it.

    Note : Only one RSS Feed is displayed (it is my choice for this theme)
    Go to options>RSS and select the RSS feed to use ("All News" RSS Feed has priority over "Gallery" RSS Feed ).
  • Heart Member
    perfect vincent! working now!
  • Heart Member
    Next small problem:

    - I've set "Mod_rewrite Bildsuffix" in zenphoto settings to ".html".
    But in the slideshow of the bootstrap homepage when hovering over an image i get for example "http://www.url.de/galerie/2008_03_02_album/Pic-045.jpg" as link which ends in an "301 Moved Permanently" error page.

    Correct link should be "http://www.url.de/galerie/2008_03_02_album/Pic-045.jpg.html" in that case.
  • I've set "mod_rewrite suffix" to ".html" on my demo site : http://bootstrap.vincentbourganel.fr/ and everything works well.

    so I don't understand where the problem is and I am afraid that I can't help you.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Maybe the html cache plugin?
  • Heart Member
    you mean "static_html_cache v1.4.2"?! I don't have activated that plugin here.

    And I also have deleted picture-cache, refreshed metadata, refreshed database in admin backend.

    What else can I try to do?!

    When I set the "Mod_rewrite Bildsuffix" to "" (leave blank) it works for example. I can click the picture in the slideshow and I get the correct album picture shown (no 301 error).


    update: I have a second zenphoto installation with bootstrap theme, here everything is ok. hmmmm. Checke .htaccess file(s), both the same. No idea :(
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Was just a quick guess as I am not famliar with this theme's internals. As far as I know it uses not the standard slideshow.
  • the theme uses flexslider which is a responsive slider.

    but, the images shown by the slider are provided by a standard function of zenphoto :

    `<?php printRandomImages(5, 'slides', 'all', '' , 780, 400, true); ?>`

    so the function creates a link to image page.

    again, it's work well on demo site
  • hi

    the 1.4.3 zpBootstrap release is now avaliable for ZenPhoto 1.4.3.

    Major improvements of 1.4.3 release:
    • Upgrade to bootstrap 2.0.4 (release of 06/01/2012)
    • The homepage's slideshow links to the gallery rather than the images
    • Supports GoogleMap plugin
    • Supports new option to display Exif data
    • Rewrite of register form to be compliant to zenphoto 1.4.3 (inspired from register_user_form.php and printPasswordForm.php)
    • Some improvements to be compliant with ZenPhoto 1.4.3 (read changelog.txt)
    • Some graphical improvements (read changelog.txt)
    • Fix some issues (read changelog.txt)
    more informations and download here:
  • hi

    the 1.4.6 zpBootstrap release is now avaliable for ZenPhoto 1.4.6.

    Major improvements of 1.4.6 release
    • Supports cacheManager and favoritesHandler plugins
    • Supports official colorbox and slideshow plugins of zenphoto 1.4.6
    • Rewrite of comment, contact and register forms to be compliant to zenphoto 1.4.6
    • Some improvements to be compliant with ZenPhoto 1.4.3 (read changelog.txt)
    • Some graphical improvements (read changelog.txt)
    • Fix some issues (read changelog.txt)
    more informations and download here:
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Great Vincent!
  • hi

    there is an item I wish to improve.
    I wish to have a slideshow with responsive and full screen behaviors.
    I don't found a script to do that.
    If you know one, I am interested by.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The cycle2 script behind slideshow2 is responsive capable as our standard slideshow usage (if the theme were yet). Since it can slide any html it can do everything.

    As such you can of course also create a full window size slideshow.
    Here an example with another script together:

    Real full screen would require either Flash (outdated) or via the HTML5 api a quite modern browser supporting it.
  • Hi Vincent. Just FYI, you have not defined `TEXT_INPUT_SIZE` so your comment, contact, and register forms are throwing errors.

    The theme runs nicely with ZenPhoto20. Do you mind if I include it?
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