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When I run the zenphoto setup I get this error message:
Access denied for user 'pabloxime_run'@' password: YES)
What should I enter in the Database host field?


  • Laurent Member
    Usually you have to put localhost or

    You will have something like that in your zenphoto.cfg

    $conf['mysql_user'] = 'Toto';
    $conf['mysql_pass'] = 'Toto-password';
    $conf['mysql_host'] = 'localhost';
    $conf['mysql_database'] = 'Toto-base';
  • You have connected to the database server, but the error message says that your user/password credentials are not being accepted by the database server.

    You will have to find from your hosting service what your user and password are and supply these to Zenphoto.
  • acrylian Administrator
    I don't know any host where "localhost" works (that works only locally using MAMP for me). All I know have a separate database server you need to enter instead. Your host should have told you the right credentials.
  • pasega Member
    i have a free cloud hosting account and get very limited support from my host. The host said the MySQL host name is "localhost" and port is 3306. How do I check the port number in the zenphoto CMS?
  • acrylian Administrator
    3306 is the standard port for mysql. You should really check your username and password or again contact your host. If they are not willing to help you probably should get a proper host... Webspace does not cost that much anymore...
  • I will repeat, since maybe you did not read my message. You did connect to the (a?) database server, so the server name is not the issue. But MySQL refused you access, so your user id and password are not accepted. To resolve this YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PROVIDER. Only he can help. If he will not, then you know the drill--you get what you pay for.
  • The comments above mean that you need to double- or triple-check. I am with a "real" provider and the value of mysql_host is indeed `localhost`. However, my database and user need to be prefixed with the account name and underscore. I have :
    mysql_user = 'account_user'
    mysql_database = 'account_db'
    mysql_pass = 'password' (no account name here)
  • I'm trying to install Zenphoto on my server hosted by Godaddy
    I get the following error:
    "Access denied for user 'jph'@'' (using password: YES)"
    In my Godaddy account statements it gives
    "'jph@'" as user's reference
    I tried to change the info in the Zenphoto setup questionnaire and config file without any success
    Could you explain why this '' always appears and how to fix the problem

    N.B.: I did change the user's name by "jph" for security
  • fretzl Administrator
    Check your database credentials and the file/folder permissions.

    Btw, the IP address ( from GoDaddy
  • The basic database which was used by my website did not work
    So I had to create a new database, but empty to get the installation to complete it

    Anyhow, thank you for your help, and even if the install was a bit tricky, finally the result is very pleasant
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