watermark in full image

in options/image, I set watermarks on images and full sized images.

I used zenpage theme, with colorbox option, and colorbox slideshow with full image.

In all case, I don't have watermark displayed.

Is it an issue or I missed something ?


  • acrylian Administrator
    You have to use protected full image links to see a watermark. By default the colorbox uses the full image directly and unprotected. But colorbox does not really like that so you need either to change the jquery define for it (we had this lots of times on the forum) or use the iFrame method to display (as the protected view is basically a page).
  • acrylian : you said
    "you need either to change the jquery define for it (we had this lots of times on the forum) or use the iFrame method to display (as the protected view is basically a page)."

    can you explain how should I do that ?
  • acrylian Administrator
    That's what I meant. Thanks for digging out that topic (I could swear we had that recently, too)
  • ok thanks fretzl and acrylian

    in option, I set "protected view" in Full Image protection.
    I set "Full Image" in slideshow options
    I set zenpage theme
    I set "Use colorbox" in theme options
    I do a reset of the image cache

    and no watermark appears, neither if I open the image in colorbox, neither in the slide show.

    I checked the code, and colorbox is well defined (photo: true) on slideshow instance of colorbox.

    so I don't really understand where the problem is.
  • acrylian Administrator
    You need to use the right image function as well. There are several for the full image, including one for unprotected full images that naturally does not care about any setting. The Zenpage theme uses that one if I recall right.
  • I have explored the core code.

    in slideshow.php, in printSlideShowLink function, there is this code

    switch(getOption('slideshow_colorbox_imagetype')) {
    case 'fullimage':
    $imagelink = $imgobj->getFullImageURL();
    according to you, getFullImageURL() should return protected image.
    so I don't understand...
  • Do watermarks show if you do not use colorbox? Have you chosen to cache the full image?
  • I tried slideshow with jquery cycle.
    even if "Watermark" option is set, the Watermark is not displayed in the slideshow.
    Before my test, I reset the cache image and full image is not stored in the cache.
  • acrylian Administrator
    There is a fix from sbillard in the svn regarding full images so this might have been a bug. Please try the trunk nightly.
  • hi

    I tried Zenphoto version 1.4.3-BETA [10224].

    I can see watermark on full image, but nothing changes on slideshow.
  • The jQuery Cycle code does not execute the statement you quote above. That code is in the "colorbox" path. So far as I can tell, jQuery Cycle does not use the full image, it uses the default sized image. And if that image is watermarked, the slideshow does include a watermark.
  • the watermark on protected full image is not displayed, both with cycle and colorbox slideshow.

    but, with zenpage theme, if colorbox is checked to display the full image (not the slideshow), there is the watermark.
  • acrylian Administrator
    1. The slideshow cycle mode does NOT use the full image.

    2. The slideshow colorbox has an option to choose either the sized image (watermarked) or the fullimage (not watermarked as it is used directly as far as I can remember).
  • With colorbox, the full watermarked image is displayed, but in the slideshow with colorbox, the full watermarked image is not displayed (either if watermark on image is selected or not).
    you should admit that it's a bit confusing, don't you think ;-)

    have a look here : http://dev.vincentbourganel.fr/20101111-voyage-marseille/img_4400.jpg.html
    Open the picture in colorbox and after, run the slideshow.
    I am sure you will understand what I mean.
  • acrylian Administrator
    I understand. It is indeed coded that way. We will soon fix that.
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