Hi, just have two great wishes (for now ;))

1- Wordpress plugin, make a pluging for WP so we all can use this great program with ease!

2- Categories, I for one would realy like categories, so I can put some pics under Family etc. I would like something like this:
http://www.iblog.dk/photo/ (this is a great excample, the cats are in black text)




  • trisweb Administrator
    Would tags be better than categories? I'm trying to decide between the two...

    I generally like tags better, because you still get all the organization of the folder structure but you can also view single tags, multiple tags at once, subtractions of tags, etc. It opens up a lot of options.

    The way I'll do it is probably to have custom "Groups" - I'll let you tag photos with arbitrary tags (just like flickr (I seem to say that a lot)) and then make "pseudo-albums" based on any criteria - like tags, date taken, camera used, etc. It could be cool.
  • trisweb Administrator
    And regarding a wordpress plugin, you should really think about what that means. Just saying "wordpress plugin" sounds great, but I'm looking for concrete examples of what it might actually do.

    The things I've thought of so far are:
    - Insert image from zenphoto on the WP post page
    - Recent images bloglet as a WP function to display n most recent images.

    That's about all I can think of. Please tell me what you were thinking by a plugin!
  • Adding tags would be great
  • I would also like to add to the wishlist

    - Download Full Size Image Function
    - Search
    - Album Hit Counter
    - Image Hit Counter
    - Image Vote
    - Top Images [visited, voted, downloaded, rated, commented]
    - Latest Albums added to the gallery
    - Shorter display of links between albums. Should be something like this (below)

    prev ... 2 3 4 5 6 ... next

    4 - being the current album page being viewed...

    I think these are going to be available in ZP 1.0
    - Sorting for Albums and Images [name, size, date]
    - Tag or Categories, and unlimited subcategories [ablums within album]

    Additional to the WP-Plugin, these are the things I think (my opinion) will be useful.

    - Able to insert photos from ZP into WP Post (as you trisweb stated)
    - Able to display latest albums added to the gallery within 7 days [sort by date and time].
    - Able to display random image on WP

    - and It would be super cool if we could some how edit Albums, comments, or what's not in WP Admin without the need to install ZP and WP in the same database.
  • vsnguyen, I think if you want all that stuff (the hit counters, top images, image voting) you should probably go with one of the multitude of other open source solutions like coppermine gallery. Adding all of those into Zenphoto would be counter-productive to what I think is the initial reasoning for this piece of software. Adding all those features would cause zenphoto to become bloated and lose it's niche non-bloated market. I, however, do think that adding in a "plugin" function would be a neat thing for Zenphoto, this way the base package is still bare and slim (the way I like it) but others would be able to create plugins that people such as yourself could download to achieve the "extra" stuff.

    I could be way off on my assumptions but reading Tristans explanation of why he built Zenphoto fits what I said.
  • Hi,

    It should stay plain and simple, no counters adn stuff.

    Cats or tags..
    Well I have little experience with tags and like cats more. Maybe an install/admin option like: use tags or use cats. I like the program simple and cats are simpel, you just put the fotos of your dog in "dog" in the cat home and of your bird in "bird" also in the cat home etc. Just like the link I gave (see first post).

    About the wp-plugin option:
    - An album page (duh), you can edit this page just like you can edit blog items (so from admin and via an edit link) (so add phote description add new photo etc)

    - Use pics from the album in your blog (this will be available automaticly, because you can search an image to add it in wp already) or add a link called: add image from gallery

    - The album page is skin/ template compatible, so it uses the wp template/css files(s)

    - Izi installation via the plugin page in wp

    - Add/ create cats via admin

    - More admin: set all options etc in the admin page, the weather plugin has this too, its very nicely done. I can give you a dl link to it so you can try it.

    I think it would give this great program a big boost with wp users :)
  • Surely tags can act like categories as well as tags but categories can only be categories.

    Ideally a combination of the two: a top level tag, acting as kind of category heading, and then sublevel tags to enable keyword searching of large collections?

    I'm kind of excited about tags at the moment, and would like to go a step further and have a tag cloud as well..

  • There's one really basic thing that I found missing in the control panel of Zenphoto, a way to delete an album or picture.
  • Looks like Plogger has the plugin we want in zenphoto! "Right now you can embed the whole Plogger into a Wordpress page by entering the <!--plogger--> quicktag." http://dev.plogger.org/wiki/WordPressPlugin We need a ZenPhotoWP plugin ASAP! My buddy threw this in my face when telling him about ZP. We are both abandoning Coppermine. Just kidding about the ASAP...just caught up in the moment.
  • I have to agree with what tuds89 said! A way to delete a photo would be very helpful, as you have to manually remove both the actual photo and all its cached counterparts.

    An automated way to rebuild the cache could also be useful - for example during a site redesign when you change the image sizes.

    I'd like EXIF data to be made available as well, but I think that's already in the pipeline.

    A plugin system sounds perfect for ZenPhoto - I **really** appreciate the simple nature of the base install, but can see several uses that people would like to have - like voting - which I don't personally want in my photoblog.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Just regarding the philosophy of simplicity... I think there are ways to add the features we normally associate with "bloat" in a non-bloated way. So hit counting, image ratings, etc are not out of the question, just slightly less desirable.

    Trust that I will use my discretion and that I will always keep it simple and clean :).

    This list is great, lots of good ideas and thoughts. Keep it coming! Thanks.
  • If people want to know how many times their albums or photos have been visited, use a stat tracker on the backend. I use Mint and have it watch each of my albums plus the Download Counter Pepper watches the individual pictures. Most hosting companies provide some sort of stats for you that would show you all this without bloating out such a great program.

    As far as a WordPress plugin, it would be nice to be able to display random images with a function call. More than that, it would be nice to use random images as the album thumbnails. If it doesn't add to much to the code.
  • Another creat request, cropping images online!

    http://php.amnuts.com/demos/crop-canvas/interactive.php, this script is downloadable and free. Maybe nice to use?
  • Just a thought...
    As far as all these thoughts and feature requests.. And I dont know your philisophy implemented in this programming. How hard would it be to make all these features enabled/disabled via a control panel and/or make some sort of plugin architecture for these features. This would enable other people to write plugins for it while you can still keep it simple which is what makes this photo album so special.
  • I wish to see gettext support for localization and a plugin framework.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Re: Chilifrei64

    If I add features, I'll add them in a way that fits perfectly into the existing framework, does not bloat, and remains simple and easy to use. A control panel controlling features being "on or off" just complicates, especially in integrating different combinations of features. Better to design everything together from the start.

    In short: fear not, I know what I'm doing.
  • I think the WP plugin is most wanted :)
  • yes the plugin for the wordpress is the most wanted thing, the most of users of zenphoto are blogers ;)
  • Another one:
    Custom fields. You can add/ make them yourself and will show under eacht thumbnail pic. So peeps can put things in like: price, author etc etc
  • I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, but I'd like to have the option to install different themes for each album.
  • The drag-and-drop admin stuff that's being developed is superb. But as people keep saying, WordPress integration is the biggest (or one of the biggest) desires.

    Regarding WordPress, the top page of the zenphoto site says it best: "Major plans include native WordPress integration (in many sexy ways)..."

    I'm not sure what "native" means, but it sounds good. And of course "sexy" sounds good (it probably means "AJAX-y").

    In my view, full "native" WordPress integration would mean a few things:

    1) Integrated search. You search WP blog postings and pages (and user comments?), AND ZP album/picture titles and descriptions (and user comments?). Plogger and Gallery 2 do NOT have this. Gallery 2 is considering it; Plogger apparently is not (too much work, a dev posted).

    2) Ability to make the ZP gallery the default page of the site. For photographers, artists, etc. doing portfolio sites who want thumbnail portrayal of their work right on top. Maybe this is done by defining a WP page that links to the ZP gallery, then using the "Static Front Page" plug-in that lets you set a page as the WP default. Or maybe there's a ZP "sexier" way (I'm all for it). This much the K2 ZP theme would presumably allow today, but that theme seems to have a significant bug in it at the moment (see the thread in this forum).

    3) Easy, intuitive insertion of ZP content into posts and pages. Ideally, this will involve an interface for non-tech users (i.e., not requiring copying and pasting URLs from different browser windows, etc.). Sure, insertion of random images etc. into sidebars is great, too. But if you're writing about your galleries in any way, joining text and photo content easily by a layperson is essential. Some kind of integrated posting / gallery browsing that allowed drag-drop of thumbs into text would be beautiful.

    Right now I'm using the Gallery 2 plug-in (which deserves lots of praise, including for the docs), but which frustrates me for two reasons (at least): you have to paste a URL to do it (bad workflow and too technical), and you can insert only the scaled-down image size that you also use for your sidebar photos. Makes for a very boring layout. I'd want to see image size variety.
  • One suggestion for the wordpress support..

    When I add a new gallery to my zen photo - It would be awesome if it automagically posted an entry in WP that a new gallery has been added.. some teaser text (the description of the gallery?) and a few thumbnails (random or the first few) in a row as well as a link to view the ZP entry.

    Also nice would be (don't know how hard this would be) the ability for comments on the above wp entry to be added to the zp comments. On a related note.. comments about a gallery in general would be nice - not simply comments on a per image basis.

    Also, there is no reason you can't use both tags and categories. Default to the category view with cats defined by the admin of the zp.. then allow viewing/sorting/adding/group by tag functionality . When viewing by cats the cat name should be large and obvious and the tag list could be a small unobtrusive list of clickable links. When viewing by tags the cat name for the image should be small and unobtrusive while the list of applied tags should be obvious.

    Just my $.02
  • Here's yet another request for tagging support. Flickr seems to do so well with it.
  • Just wanna add my voice to the "give-us-Wordpress-support" group. I agree with Null and garde, that most of the zenphoto users are Wordpress-powered bloggers. In fact, it's via a blogger's post that I came to learn about Zenphoto. Cheers :)
  • There are three things I would like:

    1. RESTful API - would make Wordpress integration a snap
    2. Tags - simple labeling, searching, etc
    3. RSS/Atom feeds
  • I don't want anything except sub-folders, which I think you guys already have on the list. I purposely went with this gallery rather than the bazillion others out there because it doesn't have a bunch of features that I won't use---in fact, I went in and stripped out some, like comments and clicking to a full sized image.

    Please don't add a bunch of stuff. The package is pretty close to ideal as it is.
  • I only really have two wishes: the first falls under WP support - have the ability to use the same templates so that the user doesn't realise the transition between WP and ZP. Secondly, it would be nice to have a way of generating all of the thumbnails at once. The latter I can live without and please don't get drawn into feature creep.
  • before i also request categories/tags i'd just like to congratulate the makers of this app: you've made something quite special!
  • there's a lot of requests for tagging and wordpress support so i'd like to ask for something a bit different...

    it's a bit of a fancy topping really: a way to choose which part of an image is used for the thumbnail. at the moment i believe the thumbnail is taken from the centre of the image. what i'd like is to have the full image shown with a translucent square the size of the thumb overlayed that is movable. the admin can then drag it around until it covers the part of the image they want to be the thumb.

    that would be cool :)

    great work by the way!
  • this would be nice: (AJAX upload progress meter for PHP)

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