Piwik Plugin

I have installed Piwik on my hosting server but am having problems with zenphoto finding the plugin. Am i missing something? Or should I just add the piwik javascript into the header or footer of the theme at the moment?

I am running 1.4.3-BETA [10213] (Debug build) and the i-feel-dirty- theme.



  • acrylian Administrator
    The plugin is not in the 1.4.3 beta, you need to download it separately.
  • Hi

    I download it and placed it in the plugin's directory but for some reason will not show for me to enable.

    piwik.zip is the file? I un zipped it first.

    The idea was to help with volunteers for testing.



    P.S Sorted just added piwik.php into zp-extensions
  • acrylian Administrator
    Yes, thanks for will to test. Appreciated. We probably forgot to note that it has to go to zp-extensions this time (as it is meant to become officially supported later).
  • Will keep you updated or let me know what info you after

  • Should work in the plugins folder. That is where I have it. What did not work?
  • The only way I can see it under "plugins" was copying the file piwik.php into zp-extensions. When I tried copying the piwik directory which includes piwik.php and another directory called piwik with a file logo.png it would not show in either plugins or zp-extensions.

    May have been me but I tried a few times.

  • acrylian Administrator
    You have always to put the file and if exitsts the folder of a plugin directly in "plugins" (or "zp-extensions"). They are and were never wrapped by another folder. See the others.
  • Hi

    Sorry for the delay to reply - What do you class as a plugin or zp-extension?

    Sorry - but Either way I received no info via piwik anyway...don't want to give up was after helping with the testing of the plugin/extension!!!


  • The "class" is not the issue. BOth Zenphoto standard extensions and third party extensions are "plugins". But unless it came with Zenphoto plugins are always placed in the `plugins` folder.

    I do not know anything about piwik the service. Is there any way to tell if a connection has been made to it? Any errors, etc. that show up?
  • Well i give up cos to be honest the answers are always a little hostile sorry..

  • acrylian Administrator
    Sorry, if it sounds hostile but it is not meant that way. It is really explained on the docs (and on the plugins tab on the backend). Third party plugins go to /plugins and officials ones are in /zp-core/zp-extensions.

    You should never place plugins in the latter or even touch zp-core stuff so you can just replace the full zp-core on update without worrying to overwrite something.

    Also, as mentioned the Piwik plugin is a draft that needs testing. We appreciate that. but there must be any kind of error if you cannot get any connection. The plugin btw, does not get anything, it is meant to collect data for Piwik.
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