If problems, try earlier version of Zen Photo

I am a fan of Zen Photo (and a donor), but today when I attempted to install the latest version (on a Windows 2008 server as I have before), ZenPhoto would not generate thumbnails.

I went back to using version 1.4.1. I mention this as an option others who have the same problem may want to consider. I suppose the issue was because the server does not have the most recent version of PHP that the newest ZenPhoto requires.


  • sbillard said I really should use the most recent version possible. I did another install of the latest version, and it does thumbnails just fine.

    So...my bad...sorry!

    I am happy to be using the really cool latest version of Zen Photo.
  • I spoke too soon. As I used the new install of latest version, it began having problems with thumbnail generation. I mention this just in case the info may be of interest, this is not a complaint.
  • acrylian Administrator
    You need to look at your server php error log (and others) and also you should report if the setup script complains about anyhting. Without that we will not be able to help.

    Sidenote: We don't test on Windows servers at all.
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