question about share video

hi all.
i have one question plz if it's is possible with the zenphoto script to have a share video site.
in order that admin can put video from all the populer video site lake youtube dailymotion yahoo...

lake this site

admin can poste video
visitor can rate and watch video
no possibilety to registe only admin can post and publish video
-most video
-last video add

it's possible with this script to share link not to uplaod video just share link from all video site.
or do you know script that can give this possibelety

thank you and sorry for my bad english ;)


  • acrylian Administrator
    So if I understand correctly you wish to manage videos from portals like Youtube etc with Zenphoto. THat is not direclty possibe as Zenphoto is meant for local hosting your own files. But there is this workaround way:
  • kinan Member
    ok thank you for replay

    but plz do you know any script that can i put link of video from youtube or dailymotion and other site.and visitor of my site can watch it.and i don't need to upload video to my site just share it from other site
  • acrylian Administrator
    Did you read the link?
  • kinan Member
    yes and i didn't understant what i should do :(

    just install script and then add link of video???
  • acrylian Administrator
    You should get familiar with Zenphoto first and how the gallery is used, e.g. uploading and managing images and albums.

    The above link tells about a way to do that with videos from Youtube & Co by using text files with the embed code.
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