issue in themes gallery

there is some weird characters in the pagination of themes gallery :

« prev
next »


  • I don't think I am seeing the same thing. For me I see:
    `« prev 1 2 3 4 5 next »` all on a single line between horizontal rules.

    But I do see a different number of themes when logged in than when not. That is probably wrong.
  • acrylian Administrator
    No, it is correct that you see a different number of themes if loggedin or not! Some themes have just been unpublished because their vendor sites were gone or inaccessible. In case they are back again I can just republish them. If I delete theme I need to recreate them! Since you now published all we have some entry that cannot be downloaded. Sadly I don't remeber even which ones....

    Also the zpmobile theme entry is preprepared as 1.4.3 and therefore this theme has not been released officially.

    I don't see any other issue on that page.
  • hi

    there were some html values like &.r.a.q.u.o.;
    but there were filtered by the forum when I did a copy/paste.
    I can't see them no more at this time.
  • Maybe it was a caching issue and the cache has now refreshed.
  • acrylian Administrator
    We have that often. No idea why but my guess is that that happens inbetween when the cache is cleared and recreated and someone visits it at the same time.
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