Access to my photos in the back end of the program

I had a computer crash and with it my good backup on another hard drive so I've lost my good backup of all my photos on my site. Question is is there a way I can get photos hopefully in their folders back from the back end of Zen photo some how? That would save me several months work. TIA Bob


  • I probably do not understand your situation. Did you have a photo gallery separate from the crashed computer/hard drives? If so, then there is a folder structure on the system that houses Zenphoto that contains whatever you have uploaded to the gallery. You can use FTP to retrieve them.
  • I had my Zenphoto setup separate from the computer ie linked into the website and backed up on another computer through my webmaster for my site. /Bob
  • There then should be no problem. Simply FTP your images from your Zenphoto site to your local computer.
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