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Hi, I have read a few posts that come close to my question but I can't find an exact answer.
In the theme zpGallerific, the search page displays a sidebar (img-sidebar) and in there, I see a reference to the metadata (imagemetadata). I would like to edit that metadata to display only the fields that I want, but I can't find where imagemetadata is defined. So that's my first question.
Also, I want to change it only when displaying search results. Is that possible? Thanks


  • So there is no answer to this? I can't see where the actual metadata is defined. Any ideas welcomed.
  • acrylian Administrator
    I cannot help with the theme. The meta data comes from the images' meta data (sic!) and stored naturally in the database. For accessing them use the object model or the related template functions. More info on these on the user guide.
  • On the image options tab you will find the list of metadata fields. For each field is a radio set controlling its use. Set only those you want shown to be displayed. So long as the theme uses the standard functions to show metadata you will see only the selected fields.
  • Thanks for that! I should have realised! I was thinking that those settings only controlled the search options. Thanks again
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