Folder structures?

I just switched to Zenphoto from a gallery called Minigal (at The old gallery allowed you to make as many subfolders as you wanted/needed.

I am up to about 350mb of photos, within several different categories, different countries and different occations.

As far as I can tell, there is only an option to make one initial set of folders. If I make a folder named "Japan" - I will have to place thousands of pictures into that folder; and again thousands of pictures into a "Denmark" folder.

What are the structural posibilities of Zenphoto? Would I be able to do something like this:


...if so, how would it be done?
Thank you


  • trisweb Administrator
    Not yet, but it's a feature I'm planning on making, because I find myself wanting the same thing.

    For now though, yes, it's only one folder deep with no nested albums.

    That'll be in for 1.0 along with sorting, and I think that'll make it much nicer all around.
  • Now that we're at 1.0 is this possible? It doesn't seem to be now that I've installed. Is there any way to manually create it? I also have travel photos and would like to organize into

  • Still not possible with 1.0.. not yet atleast.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Yep, we're hearing a lot of this and are working on it. Definitely part of the delay we're seeing for the next beta... ;-)
  • Wonderful. I will sit and patiently wait. Thanks.
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