[1.4.3-BETA [10295] Search form reset

Hi all,

Today I installed 1.4.3-BETA [10295]on my testserver. With this build the new searform reset is introduced. In my search options I enabled the Default search "new" option with the Redo search after on "0 minutes". When I do a search the searchform should be resetted, but the old search criteria stay's on.

For example: My testpictures called IMG_1001, IMG_1002 etc. , when I do a search with only IMG I get all pictures in the searchpage. When I do a new search IMG I get the this --> (((img) AND (img)) AND (img)).

The searchform does not reset, but when I remove the jquery.js in the header the searchform reset works.

This is tested with a fresh trunk [1.4.3-BETA [10295] with the default theme.

Is this a error or do I something wrong?



  • Do I understand you correctly that you have the `Cache expiry` set to zero? Did you read the description of that option? It has nothing at all to do with the search form on your theme pages.

    The behavior you describe is exactly what would be expected when you perform a search from the results of a prior search. You are searching within that result.

    There is no telling what will go wrong if you remove the jQuery load in your header. So I cannot comment on that. But if you wish to "clear" the previous search results you should click on the `search options` icon and change the radio button from `within` to `new`. Of course you will not be able to do that if you have removed the javascript!
  • Michel Member
    Hi sbillard,

    Indeed, the cache expiry has nothing to do with the search reset...my bad.

    When I remove the jquery the radiobutton is not visible anymore, true. But in the search options tab (admin part) there is a default search "new" and a 'within" option. When I select "new" I still need to select "new" on the radio button, this is confusing. I thought that if I select "new" in the search option tab that the search would be "new" on default.

    Now I select "new" in the search option tab, but on a search the "within" radio button is standard selected.

  • Yes, if you have completed a search the standard will be within. Isn't that what I just said? If that is not what you want (for most people it is) then you select the within button.
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