upload picture problem.

Well it works just fine before.. and couple months later when i wanted to upload some pic.. it show's me this msg if im using http upload

"The error 6 was reported when submitting the form. Please try again. If this keeps happening, check your server and PHP configuration (make sure file uploads are enabled, and upload_max_filesize is set high enough.)"

php setting for upload are enable and upload filesize 5mb..

if im using jQuery and it show's me

"failed to write to disk"


  • fretzl Administrator
    Most likely your folder permissions. I had the same thing recently. Somehow the permissions on my albums folder changed.
  • let me check for awhile
  • hmm still having problem with that.. im using windows server.. I've checked, the permission is granted for read/write for the albums folder for the web user.
  • fretzl Administrator
    I'm sorry but I have no idea. Note that we do not test on Windows servers.

    Another possibility is to manually upload with FTP.
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