Video issue

Hi everyone,

I have a small issue with the video component of zen photo.

Everything works just fine here:

however loading this here just loads endlessly and never brings up the video.

Would anyone have an idea what may be the cause or even better how to get it to work.

Thank you in advance and I'm more than happy about any and all advice!

Best regards,

Patrik :)


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    This 3rd partyt theme uses a jquery javascript named Galleriffic to move between images and that breaks the player javascript as it is called within other. I don't know this theme but I fear they are not compatible. Try the jplayer plugin instead but I fear that will not work as well.

    That it works on one page is that that is a static page (note the url) and the other one loaded within the page without page reload.
  • 8472 Member
    Thank you, sadly as you suspected jplayer did not help.

    I found this item which has been going on since 2010 so i guess i am out of luck on this one.

    I might just link to the static site then from the main page although this isnt a very elegant solution. :s
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The only way would be to find a way to disable the galleriffic scirpt (maybe the theme has an option?), modify the theme or use another theme. Seems the script has not been updated for a while.
  • 8472 Member
    Thank you! The theme had indeed this option!

    IT WORKS <3<3<3 :)
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