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chm Member
I'm on zpbase theme. I found that the height of my vertical images is too big, so that people have to scroll. So of course I'd like people to see it fully without scrolling.
I've changed the pixel size of one image as a test in photoshop. From height 711 I have input 650 and even 550 but my image height is still the same on the web page. The only result is the quality of the image : worse. I don't get it because we're supposed to think in pixels when it's about web and not in cm for example.
In the theme option I don't see any way to give a max size in height. I see that width is set to 960 but I can't change it. The only thing that I can change is the size of the site, set to 960 too.
Thanks a lot for your help.


  • gjr Member
    You mean like how this image is displayed?

    I have on my list to add an option to restrict height on the image detail page, or I may have an option to create the image by height, not by longest side. Someone, maybe you, has mentioned this before.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The maxspace image functions would be of good use here.
  • gjr Member
    The problem is this is a view-port issue. If I flip my landscape monitor around to portrait I see the entire image without scroll. The responsive site, as zpbase, responds horizontally, not necessarily vertically.

    I think JS would have to be involved here to make it perfect.
  • gjr Member
    I check for view-port height on the sds layout of zpbase, see:

    Shrink the height of your browser, then refresh it. The scroll should never go below the bottom of your view-port. See the source for the JS right before the closing html tag.

    I will play with this for next version on the image detail page, see what I can come up with... I am sure not everyone will want this though so it will have to be an option. Some users want their images as large as possible even with a scroll.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    chm did not mention which display mode he is using. The one you link is heavily JS anyway. The normal horizontally responsivess of course does not work with several images like that.

    I was more thinking of a "normal" single image page not being familiar with zpBase of course.. There a maxspace generated image as default size with the normal responsive css behaviour could help.

    Of course you never can get it 100% right for every screensize. Taking the height into account as well would surely be great but could over complicating things, too. Probably I am a bit old school trying to avoid JS for special tricks if possible :-)
  • chm Member
    To Gjr your link (http://oswebcreations.com/wikicommons/1024px-uss_lake_erie_-cg_70-_missile_test.jpg) shows exactly my problem. The pic in your link quite fits the page but even like this, that would still be a problem for me because it's impossible to see menus without scrolling. Being conciliatory, I would say that it's quite ok without seeing the menus but the pic is still cut

    In your 2nd message you give 2 links asking if it's a repeat. Yes. For link 1 yes, that was a previous question but I'm still having the same problem. For link 2, I noticed that no one was answering may be because I put my message in the wrong place.

    To Acrylian : "The maxspace image functions would be of good use here." Sorry but I don't get it. Where could I change this "maxspace image"

    Gjr : "Some users want their images as large as possible even with a scroll." It is something, as a photographer, that I really can't understand. How someone would appreciate a pic with the inability of seeing it totally without scrolling, I think it is stupid, not what you're saying but people who'd like their pics as big as possible, without thinking about the display quality of their site.
    So if I got it all, I need to wait that this theme being changed ?
  • gjr Member
    OK thanks for clarifying the triple posts. I understand the issue and somewhat agree with it, so I will implement something in the next version. I am hoping soon but cannot promise anything.
    So if I got it all, I need to wait that this theme being changed ?
    Yes, unless you want paid support.
  • chm Member
    Ok, thanks for the answer because i had never noticed that there was a paid support.
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