Tag EXIF data not read by Zenphoto

Using File Properties in Windows, I added several tags to each of three .jpg files. As expected, the tags appear in the File Info of each file when opening the files in Photoshop. When I uploaded the files into Zenphoto, the tags did not appear when looking at the data for the files. Any insight to the cause of this? Or is the tags EXIF information not read by Zenphoto ??


  • Just for my curiosity, how do you add tags using Windows file properties? I could not find a way.

    Anyway, other Microsoft software seems to think that metadata should be encoded as XMP, so maybe this does as well. Try the XMPMetadata plugin.
  • To sbillard:
    To add tags to a file in Windows, right click on the file and select Properties, which brings up a Properties tabbed window. Select the Details tab. Type tags separated by semi-colons into the Tags fields.
    I turned on the XMPMetadata plugin, logged out and logged back in, and again uploaded the .j[g files. Again the tags were not read.
    Do you have any other insights into this?
  • Did you configure the plugin options to examine the file types? The plugin only looks at XMP files unless otherwise configured.

    Thanks for the explaination on how to set the tags with Windows. Never knew this could be done. I did try it and did import the tag so set using the XMP plugin, but of course, it does have to look at the image itself.
  • To sbillard
    1) Configuring the plugin did the trick. Enough EXIF fields, including tags/keywords, to meet my needs are now read from each file.
    2) I did find another anomaly. I tried to upload three files, each between 3 and 4 mb. Zenphoto acted as if it uploaded all three files, but when I looked in the album, only the first two actually had been uploaded. However, I could then separately upload the last file. Is this a bug, or is there a limit on the total size for upload? I'm using Zenphoto on a hosting service.
    3) Hoping to allow visitors to download some of my images, I turned on the plug-in downloadList, but when opening my site, I o could not find anywhere to click to perform downloads? Does enabling downloads require some additional effort, such as coding ??

    Thanks, Michael
  • 2) Your site may well limit how much data can be uploaded at a time. Look at the top of the page on the upload tab, it will give you the details.

    3) To use this plugin for specific images or albums you will have to place code in your theme. Click on the info icon of the plugin for details.
  • Hello sbillard:

    2) The top of my upload page only says "Note: ZIP files must contain only Zenphoto supported image types. The maximum size for any one file is 20MB which is set by your PHP configuration upload_max_filesize. Don't forget, you can also use FTP to upload folders of images into the albums directory!" So uploading my three files should work. I will investigate the FTP alternative

    3) Although I understand that php files are a combination of html and html generating php code, and can identify both, after spending an hour looking at the code and documentation, where to change what code will require me too long to possibly figure out, so I don't think this will happen for me

    Regards, Michael
  • acrylian Administrator
    Regarding 3): Its just adding the function printDownloadlink on an image.php page of your theme to download that image. like `printDownloadLink(getUnprotectedFullImageURL(),'Download')`

    That's all. You can alternatively use the fullimageurl functions for direct download (the full image link has options on the backend). The difference is that hte downloadlist functions will provide statistics on the download number (and of course they don't directly link to hte file which can be anywhere on your webspace technicallly).

    The "list" functions are a bit different for other purpose.
  • Hello acrylian:

    Thanks for you response which seems to have directed me correctly.

    (a) Looking at the image.php file for my theme effervescence_plus, I found a line
    <?php printImageTitle(true); ?>
    Tell me if it is correct that after this line I could insert lines which read something like
    <?php echo " " ;
    printDownloadLink(getUnprotectedFullImageURL(),'Download'); ?>
    (b) In what .php files of my zenphoto installation can I find the functions printDownloadLink and getUnprotectedFullImageURL?
    (c) In what directoies of the zenphoto installation can I find these .php files ??

    Regards, Michael
  • acrylian Administrator
    printDownloadlink is a function provided by the download list plugin and of course does not exist in your theme if not already used. None of the official themes does use it by default. Same for the unprotectedFUllimageurl. You don't need to know where these functions are defined. You need to add/use them where applicable. Where that is is your decision.

    I really recommend to read the theming tutorial to learn the basics (html and basic php knowledge not avoidable) before trying to modify or do anything on a theme.
  • Regards 2). There may also be client side limits and/or limits in the particular upload handler. You should try the other upload handlers and see if they can handle the task. Otherwise I guess we do not know what is happening.
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