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I use the ITPC Caption a lot. I add verses and stories related to the image. I also add keywords to the image. I really appreciate how ZenPhoto reads and uses the ITPC data the way it does: this is a really GREAT feature of ZenPhoto. It is sooooo helpful!

Just one little thing: when ZenPhoto imports the Caption it strips the line breaks. I read somewhere that the only formatting allowed in ITPC captions are spaces and linebreaks. And when I look at the ITPC data with XNView, my poems are saved in individual lines. But the linebreaks are apparently stripped when imported into ZenPhoto, so the text runs together into one paragraph. Which is ok, it's still readable. But it would look better if the line breaks were still there.

I was wondering if the line breaks can be preserved somehow?


  • acrylian Administrator
    I cannot answer regarding linebreak import.. But the best is actually to use html formatting which is imported (at least if I add them via Photoshop) and what TinyMCE expects if you edit anything (its for a website anyway!).

    Maybe there is a way convert theme into `
    ` on importing. But that probably needs to be a option since it will cause issues. I did encounter similar with the Wordpress importer. WP stored - at least when I worked on that, I admit I haven't tested recently... - also line breaks instead of html and on converting I got a lot of extra lines I didn't want to.
  • The IPTC import filters HTML tags based on your "allowed tags" settings. It does not remove line breaks, but of course, those are treated as spaces by browsers, so have no real impact on formatting.

    You could add code to your theme to replace line breaks by break tags. `prindImageDesc()` does not provide for this, but its underlying function `printField()` does.
  • Well, DUH. If I add an HTML break at the end of each line, then I get individual lines when the ITPC captions are imported.

    I should have experimented more before I asked you about this. Sorry!

    I'm really thrilled with ZenPhoto's ITPC, EXIF and XMP import capabilities. This is a very powerful part of the program IMO.
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