ZP created album sub folder permissions problem maybe?

Hi I am set up and using 0.9 and making a new theme.

I seem to have a problem uploading images via the admin.

I can create a new subfolder in my album folder using the admin, but I cant write to it via ZP and i cant write to it via ftp

If I look at the folder properties for the folder created by ZP, it says that the user is unknown, so I think its a permissions problem for folders created by ZP.

In a an effort to rule out permissions issues, out I have chmodded every single file in zp to 777 so its not a user chmod problem.

However..if I create the folder myself via ftp and upload to it then everything works just fine.

Apart from that everything is working great and my new theme is coming along great too.

Anyone got any ideas?



  • This permissions problem caused me to look elswhere, but having just installed every single other gallery script in the known world, I'm now pretty sure that this is a php safe mode problem.

    It wouldn't be necesarily be a problem for me - i'm happy with FTP but for other less savvy users it might be an issue
  • trisweb Administrator
    Yes, probably a safe-mode problem, disallowing the server to write into directories that it doesn't own (and since it runs as 'nobody' it can't own any directories).

    I'll work on finding a way around this, but FTP is a decent alternative as long as it won't work. I might put a note of that in (forthcoming) documentation.
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